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Explore Different Types of Metals for Men’s Wedding Ring in 2019

When buying men’s wedding rings it is of crucial importance to consider the metal the band is made up of. Some metals are known to have specific properties that make them just right for men who are involved in certain careers. Some precious metals enhance and complete the traditional look. Let us explore some of the top metals that are being popularly used for making men’s wedding bands in 2019.

As per experts at https://blog.brilliance.com, today men are having unlimited choices in terms of wedding ring metals.  Thanks to the broad spectrum of choices, it becomes quite challenging to identify the wedding band that best suits your unique requirements. Therefore, it is a wise idea to start your search by learning more about the different metals that could be used for creating your custom-designed wedding bands so that you could easily decide which one would be best for your personality and lifestyle. 
Some of the hot favorite metals that are frequently used in men’s wedding bands are platinum, gold, tungsten, palladium, silver, and titanium. Each metal is known for its unique advantages and disadvantages; so, identifying the ideal one depends primarily on your lifestyle and personality.
Gold is most frequently used for making men’s wedding bands and is supposed to be quite a hot favorite. Gold is a precious metal and is loved because of its bright yellow color. Gold is often the favorite choice of jewelry designers as it is dense, soft, and extremely malleable pure metal. Gold wedding bands have an attractive glow and sheen about them. Gold does not get rusted hence; it retains its luster even after many years of constant use. Gold is a precious metal and quite expensive and valuable. 
Platinum wedding rings have gained traction over the last few years. Platinum is extremely valuable and its value is constantly going up. So buying a platinum ring is just like acquiring an asset. Moreover, many distinguished men prefer platinum because platinum wedding bands look smart and pretty sophisticated too. Pure platinum is supposed to be as malleable and bright as gold.
Tungsten wedding bands have become a rage all over the world especially, among the American men. Tungsten rings have gained phenomenal popularity because of the metal’s strength and durability. Wedding bands made of tungsten would last you a lifetime and are scratch-resistant. Tungsten wedding rings are resistant to corrosion or tarnishing. They are known for their incredible robustness, versatility, and durability. Tungsten wedding bands are just right for men who have manual jobs and constantly need to use their hands. Tungsten is almost 10x hard as compared to Gold and almost 4X harder as compared to titanium. Tungsten wedding bands are heavy and chunky since the metal is quite dense. If you are not passionate about heavy jewelry then, tungsten wedding bands are not your type. Tungsten wedding bands are long-lasting and quite budget-friendly. They are just right for the contemporary men who love the masculine appeal of these rings.
If you wish to buy a durable wedding band but without investing too much money then the titanium wedding band is the way to go. Titanium is known for its strength and titanium wedding rings could be ideal for constant use. Titanium is low-maintenance and affordable metal. You just need to wipe the jewelry with a soft jewelry cloth and the titanium ring is as good as new.

We have discussed some of the top metals that are popularly being used for making men’s wedding bands in 2019. You must understand your unique requirements and accordingly make the right choice.

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