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Everything You Need To Plan The Perfect End Of Summer Bash #MBPSummer 19

I received products in exchange for sharing my honest thoughts. All thoughts shared below are my own.

Just because summer is nearing it's end, does not mean the fun needs to end!

This summer in North Carolina has been one of the hottest that I can recall. I haven't researched the figures regarding this heat, but I can tell you the heat has been brutal!
It's hard to enjoy an outdoor party when it's 95 degrees outside and feels hotter in the sun. My family and I have spent most of our days at our community pool and when we have not been at the pool, we have stayed indoors quite a bit.

 I am super excited to share with you some items that I've recently discovered that are going to make indoor and outdoor parties an absolute blast. Living in the south, sweet tea is a staple. Every restaurant offers it and most ladies keep it stocked in the refrigerator. Most of us are used to brewing tea on the stove top, adding water to the concentrate and sugar to taste. This tried and true method works but is also pretty time consuming. 

The Capresso Iced Tea Maker makes the perfect pitcher of iced tea in minutes! It comes with a glass pitcher that can be stored in the refrigerator. This iced tea maker is really ideal for a small get together with friends. You get an incredibly fresh, delicious pitcher of iced tea and can serve it immediately to guests. It's so fast, you can make a quick batch before dinner with your family. 

Capresso Iced Tea Maker $59.99

You simply fill up the tank with water, add ice (and any flavors you want!) to the pitcher, tea bags to the compartment on top, press the button and you'll have tea in minutes. It's incredibly simple to use and one of those items that really cuts down on time and effort in the kitchen.

Once your tea is brewed, maybe you need to bring it along with you either outside or even in the car. The Ciento Insulated Server has you covered. This adorable carafe style pitcher will keep beverages cold up to 12 hours and hot up to 6 hours. It can hold 30 oz. and features a glass liner inside which helps to preserve the taste of the beverage inside.

Ciento Insulated Server 30 oz $54.95

I absolutely love the design of this server and the ease at which it fits in my hand and pours. It has a screw top to open and close and a sleek, modern design. I'm very much looking forward to using this server the next time we entertain, but I've also been using it to keep beverages cold for my family and it's been working out perfectly!

We can't have a great party without firing up the grill or in this case, the grill pan!

WOLL Diamond Lite Pro Grill Pan $159.95

This amazing grill pan can be ordered here and while it is a higher end grill pan, it will be the last grill pan you'll buy. This 11x11 pan comes with a limited lifetime warranty, is dishwasher safe (YES!), evenly distributes heat up to 500 degrees and has easy release nonstick coating.

 Can a pan be stunning? If that's weird, I'm not sorry. This pan is amazing and when I tell you that it has grilled a perfect burger, my burger-loving boys will agree. We are a family of four and I can grill 4 large burger patties (be that vegan or meat) in this pan with room to spare. I have not had an issue with anything sticking to the pan and all I need to do is pop it in the dishwasher after use. I've also enjoyed grilling fresh zucchini from my garden. The possibilities are truly endless. Grab one of these pans either for yourself to use at your next indoor party or for someone you love as Christmas is not too far off!

Celio Flamingo Hand Held Fan $12.95

If you have been enjoying some time outdoors in this heat, either at the pool or possibly a sporting event, I know you're looking for ways to beat the heat and keep cool. The Flamingo hand held fan actually fits right into the palm of your hand and delivers a nice breeze to help break up the harsh heat from the sun.

2 AA batteries are included to run this adorable little fan. Take it along with you to the beach, the pool, anywhere! Anytime you need a little breeze, whip out the flamingo from inside your purse and enjoy a nice breeze!

The fan mechanism is safe to touch while it's on. My little boys have also enjoyed using it!

I hope you've enjoyed learning about some of my new favorite items and maybe have spotted something you would like to try for yourself or perhaps a loved one. 

Want It? Get It!

You can order the above products and check them out on their social media sites by following the links below:

The Cilio Flamingo Fan, Ciento Insulated Server and WOLL Grill Pan are part of Frieling Fresh Solutions and you can stay up to date by following their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

What would you grill in the WOLL grill pan? 
What kind of iced tea would you create in the Capresso Iced Tea Maker? Mint or maybe lemon?

Thanks again to my friends at these companies for sending along product for me to review. I love finding new favorites and then sharing them with all of you!


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