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Back to School Oral Health Tips for Kids

While most kids aren’t excited to head back to school, the beginning of the school year can be a great time to remind kids of basic oral healthcare tips too. After all, children are getting back into a regular routine instead of the crazy fun that summer brings. And while your child may have been sticking to a basic summer routine, chances are it wasn’t as regimented as it is when school starts. With the beginning of the school year happening, now is the time to give your child a refresher on oral health tips and tricks. Also, be sure to drop by this Dentist based in Ballwin for a check-up while you're at it!

Schedule a dentist appointment.
Most schools require a child to see the dentist at least once a year, so instead of putting it off until the year is almost over, use the beginning of the school year as a reminder to you to get them in. Chances are you’re scheduling back to school physicals for your child with their healthcare provider, so keep up with it and schedule their dental appointments too. According to Argyle Family Dental in Centennial CO, “Your child should see the dentist at least twice a year for a thorough cleaning and oral health checkup.” Using the school year as a point of reference will help you remember to get it scheduled and keep your child’s oral health in good measure. 

Show them the right way.
Sometimes your child may not be taking proper care of his or her teeth because they don’t know how. Take some time to show your child the proper way to brush his or her teeth, how to floss, and how to safely use mouthwash. 

Create a morning oral care routine.
As parents, you spend a large amount of time reminding your child to brush his or her teeth and take proper care of their oral health. One way to make it easier on you is to help your child come up with a morning oral care routine so they remember to properly care for their teeth. This should include brushing their teeth (maybe setting a timer for this), flossing their teeth, and using mouthwash. Making this a regular routine that your child understands will help them do the entire routine every day without thinking twice, making it more of a healthy habit.

Create a nighttime oral care routine.
Just like you created an oral health routine for the morning, be sure to create one at night too. Maybe have your little one do their nighttime oral care routine as soon as they put their PJs on or right before they climb into bed. When you can keep this routine organized and scheduled, it will help your child remember to do it.

Choose healthy snacks.
One way to help your child keep healthy teeth and gums is to choose healthy snacks for your child during the school year. Eliminate anything sweet, sugary and sticky in their lunches and instead choose fruits, vegetables, and other healthy options. This will reduce your child’s chances of getting cavities, and it will help keep their teeth in better overall shape. Plus, you’ll also be teaching your child to have healthy eating habits, and this could even continue once the school year has ended for the summer. 

Check your child’s teeth yourself.
Even if you’ve created a good oral care routine for your child, it’s still important to hold them accountable. Every week (or however often you choose) take some time to check your child’s teeth yourself. Look for signs that they may not be brushing or flossing, or look to see if they are truly doing a good job. Plus, use this time to see if you notice anything that should be brought to a dentist’s attention, such as a chipped tooth, swollen gums or anything else that stands out as odd. 

Set a good example.
In order to ensure your child has a good oral care routine, you need to set a good example. For instance, make sure your child sees you taking proper care of your teeth and gums in the morning and at nighttime. In addition, make sure your child sees you eating fruits and vegetables and eliminating sugary food and drink from your own diet. By practicing what you preach, your child will value the routine more and be more willing to take care of their teeth on their own.

Your child’s oral care is extremely important, and using these tips when school starts will help you kick off the year the right way.

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