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Ask the Question- Asking other Mom's for Advice

We all second guess ourselves as parents.  The truth is there is no right or wrong method for what we do and why we do it, but we second guess our decisions.  Why do you think that is?  Are we so fearful of judgment from other people that we act as our own critics?  I know this has been an issue for me because I have the oldest child in my group of friends.  Most are just starting out having families and I had E at 19 and now he is 18.  It made me feel outcast and out of sorts, because I didn't have anyone besides my family that I could go to when I was feeling down on my parenting style.
Here's the thing- there is always judgment from other no matter if you do everything right or you do everything wrong.  There is no harm in asking for advice, but it does not mean that you have to take it.  I know plenty of people that give advice and get frustrated when the advice they give is not taken.  I, for one, think that someone wanted to hear what I thought, but felt it wasn't what they needed for themselves.  I am okay with that.

If you could have an open forum for asking questions and getting advice would you ask?  I was taught the biggest lesson in my college classes... Don't be afraid to ask the question because someone else may be too afraid or embarrassed to ask it.  
So ask me a question or tell me something you struggle with and let me see if I can help or if one of our readers can.  This is a judgment free zone and I look forward to giving advice as much as I get it.

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