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6 Jewelry Subscription Boxes You Should Sign Up For This Year

Jewelry subscription boxes are a great way to continually increase the diversity and quality of your accessory collection. From precious metals to resin and other alternative materials, jewelry can be made from just about anything. Jewelry subscription boxes are affordable alternatives to traditional jewelry stores, and can be delivered directly to your doorstep! Here are six jewelry subscription boxes that you should sign up for this year. 

1. Ear Fleek

Love your earrings? Ear Fleek is here to make sure you’re in love with their earrings! Each month, you’ll get a box of nickel-free, high-quality, trendy earrings delivered right to your door. Ear Fleek’s earrings are crafted with care and quality materials and are hypoallergenic for those ladies with nickel allergies. 

There are several tiers of service, but the basic package is just under $4 per month for one pair of earrings. You can prepay or subscribe to a three, six, or twelve-month program, or upgrade to the Premiere Tier for just $9.93/month. With this package, you’ll receive a higher-quality style of earrings. 

Ear Fleek is loved by its patrons, sporting some excellent reviews and recommendations. For the low cost of less than $4 per month, what’s not to love? Quality, nickel-free earrings for under $5 sounds like a great deal to us! 

2. Fair Trade Friday

Fair Trade Friday Earring of the Month Club by CrateJoy is a unique earring experience in that you’ll receive earrings handcrafted by someone in need in the world. The earrings are fairly-traded for from all over the globe, bringing the style and flavor of the world’s cultures to your earring collection. 

You’ll get the satisfaction of a handmade, high-quality product, combined with knowing you’re providing for someone in need. This helpful service benefits everyone involved, bringing a whole new light to the jewelry industry. 

You can obtain your own Fair Trade earring subscription for as low as $11.17/month, and each box is shipped out on the 16th of each month. The boxes can ship worldwide from the US as well, so no matter where you are, you’ll have access to this great service. 

3. HeyRowan

If you’re looking for a great earring subscription, you’ve found it! HeyRowan offers nickel-free/hypoallergenic earrings made from precious metals like gold and silver and delivered to your door each month. For as low as $19.95 per month, you can have a set of high-quality sterling silver earrings delivered to you. You’ll never have to worry about allergic reactions to your jewelry again. 

The service offers several tiers, including one that comes with 14k gold earrings for about $87/month. Naturally, purer gold is more expensive, but even as gold earrings go, this is still an affordable price for high-quality jewelry. 

With every box, you’ll get a conversation card in addition to your earrings, and with your first purchase, you’ll get some extras; including an earring stand, a travel pouch, a pen and journal, and a reusable bag. 

4. Penny & Grace

For minimalistic, yet stylish jewelry choices, you’ll want to choose Penny and Grace. For just $19.99/month (plus free ground shipping) you’ll receive three pieces of jewelry crafted from your choice of precious metals: 18k gold, silver, or 18k rose gold. 

The collection will include earrings if you so choose, and you’ll get to choose the size and style of the rings that come in the convenient carrying pouch in each box. Penny and Grace combine the quality of precious metals with the customer service of a high-end jewelry store for a great experience in jewelry subscriptions. 

5. Pura Vida

If you love bracelets, the Pura Vida Bracelet Club is going to be your box of choice. With stunning bracelet designs delivered to you every month, you’ll be able to expand your bracelet collection and include some unique and beautiful pieces you won’t find anywhere else. 

These one-of-a-kind bracelets come in various subscription packages, starting at $14.95/month. The subscription also offers an introductory package for $10/month for three months, saving you almost $5 per month on your bracelets. 

With an impressive reputation for donating to charity, eco-friendly packaging, and supporting artisans all over the globe, Pura Vida goes above and beyond the traditional jewelry subscription box. Join today and see exactly why Pura Vida’s customers love their jewelry so much! 

6. Emma & Chloe

Last, but certainly not least, is Emma and Chloe. With a new designer every month, you’ll get access to fresh and unique designs with each new box, filling out your collection with conversation starters galore. 

Packages start at just $35/month for the “Free Bird” subscription, and you can subscribe for up to twelve months with the “Passionate” subscription, which costs around $350/year. All pieces are designed in France, and created with brass and dipped in either gold or silver. These quality pieces will stand the test of time and keep you looking great for years to come. 

Subscription Boxes are Here to Stay 

It’s safe to say that with an arm in just about every niche, subscription boxes aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. We can expect to see new designs and boxes appear on the market with each new year, as subscription boxes are one of the hottest internet trends out there. Get yours today and start receiving high-quality, beautiful jewelry for a fraction of jewelry store prices.

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