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5 Reasons Why Being a Mom Is like Being a Superhero!

Not all heroes wear capes, some wear regular everyday clothes, with an updo and a determined look in their eyes. Those heroes are called moms! Moms need only a few shields, the rest of their powers come from within. 

A typical superhero mom looks something like this - her cape is the clothes she wears to work, an untearable shield for her laptop - a Samsonite laptop bag can come quite as a catch. She needs to have everything to be in one place and secure, comfortable shoes for her to move lightly and laser focus! Not what you would expect from a regular superhero, but moms are much more capable of “normal” superheroes because they are supermoms!

The Power of Multitasking

Never fear multitasking mom is here! 

There are people who brag about being good at multitasking (while messing everything up), and then there are moms - the real and true heroes of multitasking. Seriously can Batman or Iron Man do the laundry, cook dinner and nurse a baby at the same time? Obviously, no because they are not moms!

Now, this can all sound fun and great, but mothers do get a little tired after all that work. Standing all day and nursing your baby is a rewarding feeling that does get exhausting at one point. There is plenty of excellent thigh stocking for medical workers, that can do good for you considering the fact that they can help you combat leg fatigue and reduce varicose veins, something all women who stand a lot can suffer. 

Not only do you stand most of your day but you can also listen to a conference call, fold the laundry and take care of your pets. But like your baby needs a carrier so does your small fluffy dog. In order to make things easier for you, you can look into a small dog carrier purse, which can up your multitasking game to the next level. 

Moms Have Superhuman Senses

No person on the planet has the capacity to smell a dirty diaper from three blocks away, except, of course, moms. Not only that but moms know absolutely everything because of their superhuman smell, laser eyes, extraordinary hearing, and a sixth sense when you just know something is about to happen. 

Your laser eyes help you detect even the tiniest foods on your baby’s face. Extraordinary hearing helps you to scan your children’s bedroom when you “hear” lack of noise and know they are doing something they shouldn’t. When you have all of these powers it’s no wonder that children always seem to think you know everything. But that can be contributed to the sixth sense. 

Although your child can’t speak with words entirely it speaks with their eyes. So you know exactly when your kid in the process of being potty trained has that distinctive look in their eyes when they are about to poop. You can also immediately tell when something’s wrong, especially when your kids get a little older. 

Ninja Reflexes + Stealth

No one in the world is faster than you, not even a certified ninja. After all, as far as we know ninjas are just a myth ( no one ever saw them), but you, on the other hand, are a living proof that maybe you don’t have to have a proper ninja training to become one. 

Can you count how many times have you saved a glass from breaking? How many times have you saved a glass full of milk or water to spill all over the new carpet? Or stoped a scoop of ice cream falling on the sidewalk and at the same time prevented crying from your child (which would most certainly be a result of a melting scoop on the road). You probably can’t even remember and have many things to add to this list. 

As for your stealth skills, they are incomparable. How many times have you sneaked out of your child's bedroom after you’ve tucked them in, read them a goodnight story and gave them a good night’s kiss without them waking up? At first, it might have seemed tough but over time you’ve become a true stealth ninja master and you know it. 

The All Healing Kiss

A mother’s kiss is a kiss of true love. Just think about it. When you were a child what instantly made you feel better if you fell on the ground or scratches somewhere? You mothers embrace and her healing kiss. Just a simple kiss on the place it hurts and everything would go away. 

Now you have become the kissing healer. It’s simply amazing how an injured knee doesn't hurt anymore as soon as you kiss your child’s knee. All boo-boobs are instantly healed by a sweet kiss mother’s kiss. 

Superhuman Strength

In order for you to be a master of multitasking, to be almost always alert, using your superhuman senses, to be on your feet and have all of those ninja skills you simply need to be a mom with superhuman strength, right? 

You can carry your baby for hours, and you begin to realize that as soon as someone who doesn't have a child carry your baby for 15 minutes and gets tired. You can also go to work, do the housework, take care of your pets and sure when you go to sleep you are super exhausted but you wake up the next day and do everything again. 

That takes strength and not just physical but also emotional and mental strength. You carry everything on your back and can manage everything! That is something deserving of admiration and support from other moms and dads alike. Keep up the good work and don’t forget: never fear Supermom is here!

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