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Yulu Is Bringing More Play and More Fun This Summer with Pop Pops Pets, Pop Pops Snotz, and Oops Scoops! #MBPSUMMER19

Thank you to Freeman Public Relations for introducing us to the Yulu brand and sending product to review. All thoughts shared below are my own!

You guys, Yulu is bringing more play and more fun this summer with their Pop Pops Pets, Pop Pops Snotz, and Oops Scoops games!

So far our summer has involved quite a bit of running around. Between summer school programs, family adventures, and celebrations, I think we've maybe had one day that was just a "chill" day at home. I'm not complaining, I love the excitement, but sometimes I also just need a day where we aren't all over the place. 

With two active kids, in the midst of summer vacation, it's not always the easiest thing to enjoy a day at home. The dreaded "I'm bored" is heard more often than any one person should ever have to hear it, but with these Pop Pops and Oops Scoops games, Yulu has created a way to make things a lot more enjoyable for all involved!

The Pop Pops Pets collection had the girls pretty excited. I mean- slime, bubble popping, and hunting for cute collectible pets? Heck, I wanted to play! 
The girls received both a 6 pack and a 12 pack of Pop Pops Pets and definitely had a lot of fun poking through each slime-filled bubble trying to find a "common, rare, super rare, or special edition" character.

The Pop Pops Snotz collection was pretty cool too. At first, the girls were sort of grossed out, since the name and color of the slime match just a little too closely for their comfort level. Once they were assured it definitely was slime and not actual snot, they agreed to check out the starter pack only. 

About Pop Pops Pets and Pop Pops Snotz: 

These fun toys combine slime, bubble wrap popping, and the hunt for collectible characters. Each set is for ages 4 and up and can be found in packs of 6 (starter pack, $4.99, includes 2 hidden characters) or 12 (deluxe pack, $7.99, includes 4 hidden characters) at Walmart, Target, or on the Yulu Website.
The Pop Pops Pets Series 1 Characters include a teacup pig, a bunny in a top hat, a penguin pirate, and more! 
The Pop Pops Snotz Series 1 Characters include aliens that play basketball, a mariachi band, and a pizza maker! 
Each collection currently has 60 characters with more to be added in the Fall. 

Between the starter and deluxe packs of Pop Pops Pets and the starter pack of Pop Pops Snotz, the girls found 8 collectible characters. I believe 2 were "rare", but I don't recall which ones. 

Based on the smiles and giggles, I think the overall favorite game was Oops Scoops! Stacking plastic scoops of ice cream sounds easy enough, but the game is actually pretty challenging, thanks to "Oops" the vibrating ice cream cone. We've played two ways, with the cone in the stand and by holding and passing the cone. In our experience, the stand makes the game a smidge easier to play.  

About Oops Scoops: 

This fun stacking game challenges players, ages 4 and up, to take turns stacking ice cream scoops on "Oops" the cone. Players compete to build the tallest ice cream tower, but with "Oops" shaking, it's not as easy as it sounds. Spin the scoop spinner to see how many scoops you add, but if you cause the scoops to fall, you lose. The last player left is the winner!  
The Oops Scoops game includes an "Oops" vibrating ice cream cone, 12 colored ice cream scoops, 2 difficulty level base scoops, a cone stand, and a scooper with a spinner. 3 AAA batteries required, not included. 

The game is available, for $17.99 at Target or the Yulu Website.

Each of these toys would make a great "just because" or special occasion gift for a fun-loving boy or girl in your life. 
The girls are excited to share the deluxe Pop Pops Snotz and play the Oops Scoops game with their cousins in the very near future. 

Want them? Get them!

You can find Pop Pops Pets, Pop Pops Snotz, and Oops Scoops at Walmart, Target, or on the Yulu Website! Be sure to connect with Yulu on InstagramTwitter and Facebook to stay up to date on these and other fun toys/games!

Have a Fabulous Friday!

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