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Your Travel Gear Just Got A Lot Classier With Ellis James Cosmetic Bags

Thanks to Ellis James Designs for sending me product to review. All thoughts shared are my own.

When it comes to makeup bags, you could probably find a few cheap, stained bags in my bathroom closet that look like they have been through a war zone. For as much as I love makeup and all cosmetic items, it was time to upgrade!

I've been traveling quite a bit lately and have been needing makeup bags that can actually hold all of my products and also remain stylish and sleek!
That combination is not always easy to find, so when I saw the beautiful bags from Ellis James Designs, I immediately fell in love.

A couple of weeks ago, I flew out of state and was able to use my new Cream Tall Cosmetic Bag as well as the Black Makeup Train Case.

Tall Cosmetic Bag is currently on sale for $30.95 as is the Makeup Train Case. 

These bags not only hold every possible item you can conjure up, they do so with style and incredible quality. You know how you can just tell when you are handling a luxurious item? For this price point, and this level of luxury, I am absolutely impressed with Ellis James Designs!

As you can see, I was able to fit SO many items in the black makeup bag! Honestly, there was room to spare as I didn't even use one of the zipper compartments. 

These bags (and any bag from Ellis James Designs) would make the perfect birthday or Christmas gift. I realize no one wants to begin thinking about Christmas yet, but it is going to creep up on us in no time! Definitely jump on these sale prices and take advantage while these bags are down to $30.95. They are worth every single penny.

The Cream Tall Cosmetic Bag is perfect for storing bottles standing up, large cosmetic items such as brushes or even a hair dryer! My compact hair dryer fits very well inside this bag. The quilted design on these bags is so elegant. 

I will be taking a few more trips in 2019, and I am very much looking forward to utilizing my new Ellis James Designs makeup and cosmetic bags.

I love that Ellis James Designs is company for women, by women. Read more about their mission and who is behind this amazing company on their website.

Want It? Get It!

You can purchase Ellis James bags on Amazon where you'll find more of their beautiful bags available for purchase. Also be sure to check out their social media pages and stay in the loop:

Thanks again to our friends at Ellis James Designs for sending these beautiful bags my way to review. Do you travel often and if so, what do you typically use to store all of your cosmetics and makeup? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. These are really nice. I never gave it much thought, but I don't want to say how my cosmetics and sunscreens are, so messy, never mind for traveling! I want to check these out!


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