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What is Your Favorite Accessory Right Now?

My favorite accessory right now is a hair clip. Summer is here and showers do not always happen in the morning and swimming can happen any time so my hair is not always looking its best. With the hair clip, I can simply pull part of it back and be on my way. 
I used to wear hair clips like these when I was a kid. I used small ones and big ones. They seemed fashionable then and then I thought they weren't "cool" for a long time. 

I noticed people started wearing them again so I thought I'd try since my hair is in between lengths right now. I'm so glad I did. 

Now, I'm loving them. With two littles in the summer, it's not always easy to stay well groomed. Quick freshening up, change of clothes, pull the hair back, and we're ready to roll. 

What is your favorite accessory right now? Do you have any summer favorites or favorites in general? 


  1. I agree! I can't live without clips and scrunchies in the summer. It is way too hot to be worrying about your hair that much.


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