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Visit Pier 14 And Ripley's Aqaurium For The Perfect Myrtle Beach Night Out

Thanks to Pier 14 and Ripley's Aquarium for providing me with these experiences. All thoughts shared below are my own.

A couple weeks ago, my family and I packed up our SUV, grabbed stuffed animals and started our 3 hour and 45 minute drive to Myrtle Beach, SC!

North Myrtle Beach is usually our beach vacation spot, but this year we decided to check out Myrtle, just a few miles south. If you ask my two little boys what their favorite family trips are, they would undoubtedly say, "the beach!" I would have to agree. 

Right around 6pm is my favorite time to be on the beach. The sun is much less harsh, people have gone back to their hotels to eat dinner and the tide pools are expansive and peaceful. Try checking the tide pools during low tide so you can explore them on your next trip.

My little guys get their fish nets and buckets and get to adventuring! We do spend most of our time on the beach, however, we like to try out at least one family outing during our stay. This time, we had the privilege to visit the Ripley's' Aquarium and Pier 14 restaurant. 

We love wildlife of all kinds, so my children were very excited to visit the aquarium. They didn't know what to expect as we entered the huge, colorful building! 

As you can see, this establishment is huge! From the moment you walk in, your eyes take in the amazing surroundings. We started at the sting ray exhibit where my two little guys spent close to 30 minutes enjoying the majestic sting rays.

The Ripley's Aquarium is truly a sight to behold. There are many different exhibits including the glass-bottom boat adventure and the dangerous reef (explained below). 

"Filled with thousands of fish of every shape and size, this is our largest and most popular exhibit. Leisurely travel on a moving 340-foot long glide path, as you wind your way through the acrylic tunnel and come face to face with snappers, tarpons, grunts, squirrel fish, a green sea turtle, giant stingrays, saw fish, and very large SHARKS! YOU CAN ALMOST TOUCH THEM! Your family will marvel at the clarity of the water and the totally immersive environment. You will feel as if you were exploring the deep oceans and could almost touch the amazing sea life." - Ripley's Aquarium

We enjoyed the Dangerous Reef exhibit three times! 

I have never been this close to a shark and behind thick glass is just about the only way I would ever do so! You can imagine how thrilling it was for two little boys to see these sea animals up close and personal. I think they will remember that experience for the rest of their lives. 

The jellyfish exhibit was also very interesting and beautiful. Having been stung by jellyfish multiple times in their lives, my little guys enjoyed watching them from a safe location and learning about the different types. They even got to "pet" a jellyfish!

A quick photo op in front of the Megaladon jaws before we said our goodbyes to the Ripley's Aquarium! We look forward to visiting again next Summer! I would highly recommend taking your family to visit. It is an unforgettable experience. 

Continuing our "Myrtle Beach Night Out", we could not wait to get our rumbling tummies over to Pier 14 restaurant for dinner! 

"A pier of one sort or another has been a part of this oceanfront location since 1926. The current pier originally opened as a night club and a late night dinner venue in 1984. However, Pier 14 under that concept did not take off as expected. Upon the arrival of Bryan Devereux (current owner) in 1986, our focus changed to a concept of food and beverage.
In 1984, when Pier 14 was rebuilt, it was approved by the Corps of Engineers and given a 25 year life span. In September of 1989 Hurrican Hugo did its best to shorten that life span, however Pier 14 refused to buckle. Some of the damages sustained included the loss of the front ramp leading to the restaurant and the complete loss of the actual pier that extended more than 90 feet beyond the restaurant over the ocean. The restaurant portion remained intact. In fact, it was one of the only piers to survive Hugo's force. Pier 14 was closed for 5 months due to Hugo." - Pier 14
I didn't quite know what to expect upon visiting Pier 14. I did a little research online and could see it is a fun environment with an absolutely stunning view of the ocean. Because it is located on the pier, you almost feel as if you are eating on a boat as the ocean water is visible through glass windows all the way around. 
When we walked in, the atmosphere was buzzing! It was busy, but not uncomfortably so. Do you know what I mean by that? I'm sure you've been into restaurants that are so packed, you can hardly stand. With an adorable gift shop attached and the pier itself, even if there is a wait, the time flies by! We only had to wait a few minutes and were seated right in the center of the dining area. Looking around, I immediately felt a very relaxed vibe. Patrons were happy. Servers were happy. I was happy!
We ordered the crab leg appetizer because my son had been craving them for weeks and we are far enough inland that it's tough to find quality seafood where we live. 

I really thought he would share! He devoured every single crab leg but did give mom and dad a couple of bites here and there. The sacrifices we make as parents, am I right?!

I ordered the most amazing seafood dish which consisted of a chicken breast covered in a crab alfredo sauce, with shrimp, scallops and mashed potatoes. It was decadent and unbelievable. I still daydream about that heavenly plate of deliciousness.

Are you drooling yet? Over the FOOD, ladies. The FOOD.

My hubby got the fish and chips platter and loved it. The fish was perfectly crispy and so flavorful. Pier 14 is serving seafood that might just ruin all other seafood for you. I cannot think of one aspect of this restaurant that I did not absolutely love.

Beach hair, don't care - and the best part? You don't have to care! Come as you are to Pier 14 and you'll be treated like family. Next time you are visiting Myrtle Beach, be sure to visit Pier 14 and enjoy some incredible seafood, take in breathtaking views of the ocean and leave with a happy tummy and memories to treasure.
Our night out on the town was truly magical. We are so thankful to our friends at Ripley's and Pier 14 for their hospitality and generosity in hosting my family. We will never forget these experiences! 
You can learn more about Ripley's by visiting them on Facebook and Twitter. Also, catch Pier 14 restaurant on Facebook for all of the latest information regarding hours and menu items etc.
Do you have a favorite beach that your family enjoys visiting? What are some of your favorite spots that you can't miss?
Happy Summer!

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  1. This looks like a lot of fun.. and that food! I know I would love the jellyfish exhibit also.


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