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The Six Tote Bag Designs to Help You Step Out in Style

This summer, Jacquemus micro bag trend simply has to go! It might be super cute and vibrant, but it hardly has enough space to hold a penny. Women across the world are outraged by the “itsy-bitsy” micro bag trend that had almost taken over the world in late 2018. 
We have to accept that small bags do look cute – especially the tiny, circular sling bags with just the right amount of bling. However, we can say it with confidence that small bags are not a woman's best friend. When stepping out for work or a party, if you carry a small sling bag, where do you keep your phone? How about your purse, cards and all the change? Do you ditch your backup makeup or dump your wallet content in your bag to save some space?

Small bags might look cute, but every woman knows how much mess it is capable of carrying in that small space — open chap sticks with keys sticking in gooey stuff, glitter from makeup and old tissues. The lack of organization and enough space can transform any tiny sling into a melting pot of chaos. Women should not have to prioritize between their makeup, wallet and keys. We should be able to carry the world in your big fancy bags anywhere we want to. Less is no longer more, and women want to explore the newest range of big totes that will fit everything they need in style.

Why do you need to fall in love with a tote bag today?
Turning into a tote fan is quite easy thanks to the sheer number of luxury brands and cheaper fashion brands that offer hundreds of designs in leather, PU, canvas and other materials. Some of them are ideal to awaken the party-girl in you, while others are perfect for holding the attention of your boss, on a Monday morning, when you might be feeling a bit too tired from all the partying. 
Here are six of our favorite tote styles you should try –
The classic leather tote
When you are opting for classic leather, it is always better to opt for a reputed designer brand. Leather totes have a secret – the simpler, the better. And nothing looks better than a simple tote from a renowned design house. The texture, quality and finish get their due attention when the large leather totes are handmade. They might cost you a pretty penny, but fashionistas swear that they are worth every dollar!

The suede tote

If you are bored with the everyday leather totes, you should try a suede one. They are perfect to complement the all-work, no-play look for the busy weekdays. You can dress up any plain-Jane pantsuit with a bold suede tote. Forget bejeweled straps and embossed flaps. Go with the flush designs that bring out the softness of the material. While shopping for suede, always go with a brand you can trust for quality and finish.

The canvas tote

We get it! Canvas is not the first choice of anyone thinking about buying a tote for daily office or partying. However, it is a great backup just in case you have to hit the beach on the weekend. Moreover, no one can dare diss a canvas tote. It marks the beginning of the tot-evolution holding the hand of L.L. Bean. It is excellent for tropical vacations since you can just roll them up and stuff them in any bag. Apart from stuffing your mobile phone, battery pack, sunscreen, towels and protein bars, you can also carry your laptop whenever necessary.

The laptop tote

Not all bags are equal, and the laptop tote is here to win over the working woman. It comes with a special section for keeping the laptop security, and it has pockets for holding the charger, cords, mobile phones and USB sticks. Laptop totes are no longer boring or bland. You can pick them in pretty colors, color-block themes or simple leather textures depending on your personal style. Nonetheless, these laptop totes are perfect for the woman who believes in working in style.

The super-large tote

The super large tote is a blessing for any girl or woman. Are you late for class? You can stuff your laptop, notebooks, smoothie, water bottle and nutrition bar in one bag. Are you a working mother, who needs to pump more than once in office? You can carry your pumps and bottles in the bag without worrying about spillage. The super-large totes are fabulous for women of multiple talents. You can head to the office straight from the gym and hit the bar before coming home, without even thinking about how to accommodate the extra clothes, towels, makeup and food in your bag. In short, this super-large tote will transform you into a goddess, who can carry her whole world with her, wherever she travels.

The bucket tote

The bucket tote is a special edition for women, who love to stand out of the crowd. If you are tired of the same old totes, you should try a bucket tote, which fuses the satchel top handle with a tote bag design. Being a satchel top means, it comes with typically one handle. Therefore, you need to be careful about the closure mechanism when you buy one of these designs. Look for genuine leather satchel top totes for maximum durability. It is perfect for the fashionista looking to do some heavy lifting this week.

Totes have always been the woman’s true best friend. A tote never makes us pick between the essentials and the vanities. It just supports us throughout our endless binges of hoarding the best perfumes, lipstick shades, nail files, hair ties, compact powders, hair brushes, bobby pins, wet wipes, Kleenex and more! Stuffing so many things in a low-budget tote can take a toll on its lifespan. However, choosing a bag from a reputed designer will ensure that you get to parade around with all the knick-knacks inside the most stylish tote in town for the next few years to come.

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  1. Every woman should have a great tote. I have a couple myself.


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