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The Importance of Keeping Your Car Clean During the Summertime

There's something a bit nostalgic about washing a car, isn't there? Whether you're a DIYer or you enjoy taking your car through the town car wash, keeping your car clean is a smart thing to do. When I was growing up, my grandmother drove me and my sister around after she had just purchased a new vehicle (we were both under 10 years old). As we drove around town, she asked us how we could help her keep the new car looking clean and spiffy. We sort of made a game of it and vowed to help her keep the car extra clean. From that day on, keeping a clean car (and a clean home) became very important to me.

So, why exactly is it important to keep your car clean (especially in the summertime)? 

Think about how you felt when your car was new (or new to you). You probably felt a sense of pride having a new, clean and shiny vehicle. The truth is, life happens rather quickly as we go about our day to day routines, and it's so easy for junk to accumulate inside of a car and for the dirt to begin layering itself on the car's exterior. Dirt and grime inside and outside of the car can actually present a lot of problems. Alongside that issue, clutter inside of the car can quickly make it look bad and can add stress and anxiety to your everyday life.

If you live in a particularly wet or humid area, you will want to regularly clean your car mats. You'd be surprised by how quickly mold can grow underneath the mats of your car if they are not properly and regularly cleaned. Food crumbs and drink splatters can also lead to mold and bacteria growth, making your car a hazard to your health. Keep your car wiped down to help cut down on the number of germs being spread from place to place.

Have your car washed regularly to cut down on dirt build-up. Accumulating dirt and grime can lead to rust on your car. To properly care for your car's exterior, you should wash it (even a simple rinse with your hose is better than nothing) to remove dirt. Having your car detailed every few weeks will also help protect its coat, keeping it looking great.

You might notice how quickly your windows and windshield becomes dirty during the summer months. There are so many flying insects out and about this time of year, and as much as drivers try to avoid hitting them, it just can't be helped most of the time. Regularly washing your windshield and windows will help cut down on visibility issues while driving. Give your windows a quick clean when you fill your tank at the gas station... it's free!

Taking care of your car during the summer months will be very helpful once it's time to start prepping your vehicle for winter driving. Don't overlook taking care of your car during the summer. You'll feel better having a car you know is clean no matter how old the vehicle is.

This post brought to you by Matthews Hargreaves Chevrolet.

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  1. These are good suggestions, especially now that many people keep their cars for many years longer than in the past, good to keep them up all year long.


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