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The Importance of Getting Proper Sleep Before Hitting the Road

Have you ever had a feeling of sleepiness while driving? It's sort of unsettling, especially when you stop and think about the fact that driving while tired can have serious consequences. Think about the first few minutes of your day, first thing in the morning. You're probably not fully awake, and your brain and eyesight might be sort of foggy. This same feeling is often experienced by drivers who become tired behind the wheel. It's rare that a driver actually falls completely asleep while driving, but the reality is that it can and does happen from time to time.

You can imagine what the outcome is for those who fall asleep behind the wheel. 20 percent of accidents include some type of sleepiness or lack of focus from the driver. That's a pretty staggering percentage. While it isn't always possible to sleep for eight hours a night, getting the most sleep you possibly can before getting behind the wheel is extremely important.

When we're not fully alert, the unthinkable can happen in mere seconds. A quick closure of eyes can result in running off the road, or worse. If you've ever been tired while driving, you know that feeling of heavy eyelids or constant yawning is a sign to stop driving sooner rather than later. Road trippers often like to drive through the night and wee hours of the morning so their children can sleep in the car, but sometimes that has scary results for the driver, especially if they are running on little to no sleep. If you are traveling with a group of adults who have had the chance to gain proper sleep, it's a great idea to rotate the driver every couple of hours. Taking breaks and getting even a quick nap can make a big difference when it comes to keeping everyone safe.

If everyone in your travel party is too tired to drive, do the safe thing and find a safe place to stop and spend the night. Sometimes it's more worth it to travel during the daytime after a good night's sleep, even if it means traveling with 'bored' kids and requires a few extra stops along the way.

Make sure that you have an overnight bag packed with toiletries and clean clothes for those you're traveling with, even if you're not planning to stop anywhere overnight. You never know when you might have to make an unexpected stop, even if it's just to catch a few hours of shuteye. Doing the safe thing isn't always the easiest or most convenient thing, but it will protect everyone in your party.

When you're well-rested and ready to get back on the road, you'll have a much more enjoyable travel experience by car!

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