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The Benefits of Natural Detox

Detox – that dreadful word we all know and avoid. It’s a given that our bodies need to detox. We are constantly filling our bodies with trash and unhealthy options. Even the healthiest of eaters need to take the steps to reset and detox their bodies at times. 

What is a Detox?
Detox is short for the word detoxification. Detox is defined as a period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of unhealthy substances. You don’t have to purchase expensive products or take pills and follow extended regimens to detox your body. It is quite possible to use natural means.
Our bodies are designed to aid in the process of ridding itself of toxins. The body is a magical system, it has built-in protection mechanisms, including those which might work together with natural steps to help protect and cleanse itself through a detox process. The following guide will teach you how to detox your liver holistically.

Detox is Vastly Misunderstood
Do you cringe when you hear the word detox? Do you think to yourself you have no interest in associating with any type of detox steps, products, or regimens? You’ve heard those stories about detoxes and you don’t want to spend days in the bathroom! 

Detox is meant to cleanse your system, and yes, you may find yourself in the bathroom a little extra through a detox process, but it doesn’t have to be misery. There is no need to fill your body with diuretics or laxatives that are often a part of detox supplements. These are just adding further ingredients that need to be cleansed from the body you are trying to support. 

Our body has its own unique detox system, also known as our digestive system. The body uses the liver, kidneys, skin, and lungs to rid itself from toxins. However, the body still can use proper care and reset through natural detox processes

Natural Detox
There are multiple recipes on the web that tout their ability to detox your body. Many of these are drinks or shakes that have naturally cleansing ingredients. Healthy, natural foods are the best way to aid your body in eliminating harmful toxins. You also can naturally detox your body through your actions.

Here are a few natural detox options you could consider:
Slice cucumbers and lemons and add them to water. Add a dash of cinnamon and some mint leaves for flavor. 

Quality Sleep – Getting proper amounts of sleep and getting quality sleep can aid your body in its own detox process. 

Green Tea – green tea is a naturally detoxifying drink. Be sure to choose one that does not have added, processed ingredients and that is all natural

Institute an active lifestyle – the more actions you take toward a healthy lifestyle, the better your body works for you. Being active helps in reducing inflammatory properties in our bodies.  

Detox doesn’t have to be a dirty word. Try a natural detox and see the benefits it can have on your health and body. 

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