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Speak Up- Monday Motivation

Happy Monday, friends! 

The Wigglesworth crew had a pretty amazing weekend, but there were a few moments where I was really struggling with how I thought things would work out and how they actually did. Thankfully, with a little help from the people I love the most, the struggling was short-lived and I ended up having (IMO) a pretty great  "epiphany" at the tail end of it all!

Speak Up!

Okay, it may seem easy enough, but for me, it's a real struggle. I have a difficult time expressing myself, especially when my "less pleasant" emotions are involved. Disappointment, sadness, anger....I'd rather just keep it all bottled up. I'm not the smartest person in the world, but I know enough to know I'm not the only person in the world who struggles like this.

 The thing is, once we begin filling our bottle, it instantly becomes a cloudy mess and we start viewing our world/surroundings through that cloudiness. It warps our view of things, our "bottles" start to fill faster and guess what happens next? The bottle overflows and instead of being a small "mess", it's a big sticky one and requires a lot more effort to clean up. 

On Saturday, I was hoping to take a family trip to the beach. Matt seemed to be on board with the idea, but as we had our morning coffee, I watched him pick a show from the DVR and start watching. He finished one episode and went to start another. I was feeling a little frustrated about it, but instead of saying "hey let's get ready to go", I started bottling up the emotions. 

Guess what Matt did when the second episode was over? He started a third! Do you know why? At the time, through my warped view of things, he didn't really want to go to the beach and was just trying to wait until it was too late. The real answer, of course, was that he didn't know I was ready to start heading out because I didn't say anything.

My bottle ended up overflowing and the mess was pretty big, but we cleaned it up together. I'm so very grateful that I have Matt, who is so incredibly supportive and loving, but I'm going to strive to speak up more so that there will be fewer messes for us to clean and many more enjoyable moments. 

We did make it to the beach and while the girls were starting their sandcastle, I snapped this picture. Later on, I noticed there was a heart! 

I'm certain "speaking up" will help many relationships, romantic and otherwise. After all, our minds are not books, so we can't expect people to read them. While I might be good at sensing how people are feeling, not everyone has that gift. I'm going to work on speaking up more often and I hope you are encouraged to do the same

Let's talk about "speaking up"! What are some of the things that keep you from expressing yourself
Let me know by leaving a comment below. You can also catch me on Facebook @mommysblockparty and on Twitter or IG @beautyrepv

Have a magnificent Monday!

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