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Soaking Up The Sun And The Moments

Is it already July?! Somehow it feels as though summer just began, yet, tomorrow is already Independence Day. I made a pact with myself before summer began...

We have an amazing community pool that we are blessed to be able to join. This summer is our 3rd year as members. Last summer, due to some health issues, I was only able to get in the water a couple of times. It was tough having to watch from the sidelines while my heart wanted to have fun with my kiddos. 

This summer, I made a pact with myself that I would be positive and PRESENT for my children. This can look very different for each of us. For me, it happens at the pool. We have raised our boys with as much water exposure as we possibly could (without having a pool or boat) and much to our joy, they absolutely love the water.

Our summer mornings are slow and relaxing. Coffee and reading for me, games and breakfast for my boys. When the sun begins to warm the air, we suit up and drive over to the pool which is a quick 90 second trip in the car. In the trunk are popsicle shaped rafts, diving rings, goggles, sunscreen, snacks and quarters. 

So far, we have gone to the pool almost every single day, missing just a few here and there. It's not always easy to do so, but I'm committed to my pact. After 3 hours in the sun, we (mostly me) feel exhausted, hot and ready to chill at home with a sandwich and a movie. 

If you need me, you'll most likely find me IN the pool with my boys playing water frisbee, raft taxi and skipping a surf hopper ball across the pool to my sons. 

What do your summer days look like? Do you have a summer bucket list? Drop me a comment below and tell me about your summer. I would love to hear!


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