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At Exquisite living, we take the title of furniture care professionals very seriously. All the technicians we hire are well trained and have a history behind them. 

Exquisite Living Furniture Alpharetta experts In repairing and renewing all kinds of furniture. We will fix and take care of all your pieces whether you have them at home or in your business. We have been in the business of furniture repair many years ago. We have expanded and based a reputation of excellent service and quality workmanship. We pride ourselves on being able to meet your furniture repair and restore operation needs. No matter how big or small the issue can be we specialize in all kinds of repairs whether your furniture was damaged by fire, by an accident or a flood. We will take care of it and we will leave it as new.
If you have an insurance company taking care of the damage, we have experience working with these companies to ensure your satisfaction, too. No matter the piece of furniture that has to be repaired, we will take it. We are Professionals in stripping, polishing, and color matching to your requirements. But we don't limit ourselves on only repairing domestic furniture. We can work on-site and buildings with wooden furniture, also with Marine needs, luxury yachts, etc. We also work big projects such as school benches, office desks, restaurants furniture, hospitals furniture, and more.
If you have to repair or refinish a piece of furniture but you don´t have time to bring it,  that is not a problem, we also offer a pickup and delivery service. There is nothing to worry about when you work with us. We will protect your furniture all the time and we will deliver it as if it was brand new. There are different materials that we can repair such as fabric, leather, wood, and others.
If you have fabric furniture, we all know that this kind of furniture gets dirty very easy and that they are very susceptible to damage from all sides. Let us help you fix the problem. Furniture that we can repair made of fabric include cushioned course, zipper replacement, webbing, Seam separation and more.
If you have leather furniture, you know that this material is extremely durable. There is nothing to worry about if it is scratched, ripped or has a mark. But if you think that this should be repaired don't hesitate in calling us and we will take care of it.
At exquisite living we love furniture and we know that all the people love wooden furniture. It looks great, gives our homes a wonderful appearance and depending on the wood that you're using, it sometimes gives us a great smell in the environment. But no matter the wood furniture you have we will fix it for you whether it is a kitchen table, a nightstand or a chair. We will help you make it look new and attractive to the public eye again. We are also specialists in repairing wooden antiques.
The most common problems in wooden furniture are liquid marks, crushed corners, peeling, scratches and one that is very common especially on dining room tables are heat marks. Remember that wood is very susceptible and whenever you put a container with hot water on it, it will automatically turn white.
Working with exquisite living is as easy as following four steps 
First, you can contact us by phone or visit us at exquisite living and get a free quote from one of our specialists. Once you have the quote and agreed on it, we will assign a qualified technician to do the job just as you wish. The technician will contact you and arrive at your house to check the condition of the furniture and start working on it. We know that time is important for you, that's why every furniture that we fix we do it in a timely manner. After the technician does the repairs in a fast way, you can decide to pay cash or by card. There will never be hidden fees or we will never ask for money upfront. You pay until the job is done. We will respect your quote and keep the price that we set up since the beginning.
By hiring Exquisite living, you'll be hiring the nicest people you have ever met. Our staff is kind, fast, and effective. Our prices are affordable and have no comparison. If you have a  piece of furniture that has to be repaired don't hesitate and call us today. One of our Specialists will gladly assist you and program the on-site appointment so that one of our technicians can arrive at your home or office and check the damages of your furniture so he can start working on it. Rely on the experts on furniture restoration, rely on Exquisite Living. Contact us today!

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