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Nuwave During a Heat Wave

This mama is not turning on the oven this weekend.  With temperatures over 100 degrees this weekend in Connecticut, it is extremely hard to want to eat at all. A mama's job doesn't stop because of the heat though.  I was recently gifted a Nuwave oven (Thank you Vanessa) and have been working on finding recipes to make it in.  This machine is going to get a workout this weekend.

Saturday morning is special breakfast day. This is the day I get up and make a homemade breakfast.  It's one of the only days where I can do this. It is always a hot breakfast. It is either eggs and bacon, pancakes and bacon, or French toast.  This mama was craving bacon so I popped it in the Nuwave oven and in less than 7 minutes had the crispiest bacon I ever had.  I love crispy bacon.  So we had eggs and bacon.
This morning it's bacon and pancakes.  Then for dinner pasta and meatballs.  Sure I have to use the stove top for pasta but the Nuwave can cook the meatballs.

Pretty basic test run this weekend. Looking up recipes to see what this baby can handle.
Do you have a Nuwave oven?
Any helpful tips for me?
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  1. I never heard of a Nuwave oven before, it is pretty cool, even on a hot day like this!

    1. Amazing little oven. Love it as much as my crockpot

  2. I have never used one. It is so hot in SC it is disgusting yet we grilled yesterday anyway. This would be handy to have!


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