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Mommy Pet Peeve- Parental Judgment

As a blogger I read so many different blogs,because I value the content and the information I find.  There are some that really get to me on an emotional level and some that help me to be the best mom I can be.  However, there are some that have me scratching my head. 

Social Media is not what it once was.  It used to be about meeting people and keeping up with those we knew.  Now, I see a lot of people that comment on things that they judge others on even if they don't know them personally.  One area that is a pet peeve of mine is when people comment on the parenting style of a celebrity.  I don't like having my style questioned but at least it is from people that know me.  My most detested critique is when someone tells me that I shouldn't do something because it could be considered dangerous or not appropriate... For example, taking my child to the beach and letting him experience the water.  Mind you I believe in sunblock, floaties, and staying close to shore and being right there in the event of a problem.  Another is the way I talk to my children.  I don't baby talk, but talk to them like they are people.  If they are being annoying I tell them so.  This is why my children never begged for things in the store or had meltdowns in line while I did my chores for the day.  
Additionally, if my children didn't want to pick up their mess they had options... a garbage bag to donate their toys or clean it up.  Harsh? I think not because it made them learn to respect the toys they were given and ensure they were understanding that someone else would be if they didn't want to. 

What gives people the right to judge the parenting style of someone else? Isn't the point of parenting to raise a person that is going to be a good human being and a productive member of society? Why does it hurt so much when someone judges you?  Especially when they don't know your life?
I find it to be because we put so much pressure on ourselves to be the best mom out there.  Here I am telling you- You are doing an amazing job.  Your child(ren) are learning so much from you and you should be proud of the effort and work you are putting in.  There is no right and wrong.  Don't be afraid to make "mistakes" because it allows your child(ren) to see that you can recover from making them. 

Do you have any mommy pet peeves?
Tell me all about them.
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  1. Honestly I think a lot of people should keep their opinions to themselves and not judge others.


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