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Let your Kid Discover Their Potential with Activity Tables

Activities tables are designed to not only be an entertainment tool for your little one but also a source of education aged from 6 months to 5 years. Babies are always curious and always want to know new aspects around them. There is no better way of stimulating your kid’s imagination and creativity than buying him or her an activity table. With colorful toys, splendid lights and engaging sounds, you can help your little munchkin to explore the environment around him or her, learn some basic letters, numbers as well as colors or even learn a foreign language. Here are some of the reasons why an activity table is what your kiddo needs to discover their potential.

Development of cognitive skills
One of the main benefits of an activity table is that it will help your kiddo to develop cognitive skills. Your little one will interact with different items that come with the table in a manner that leads them to count, match, organize as well as label items. All these tasks are cognitively engaging and also stimulate your kid’s sensory capacity. The tasks or challenges come in the form of a game and your kid will have lots of fun while at the same time enriching them with some crucial skills.

Development of fine motor skills
An activity table will help your kid to develop fine motor skills, balancing and coordination skills. Fine motor skills are part of the essential development skills for toddlers. An activity table will require your kid to improve their motor skills as they have to utilize their hands while interacting with different items. Your kid will have to play with different playing items on the table like handling balls, pouring sand, molding the clay as well as grasp other items like spoons; learn more about baby activity table.

Helps in the development of language skills
An activity table will help your kid to learn vocabulary as they will attach words and letters to different items and objects. Some tables are also very interactive and your little one can hum some of the songs. They are fitted with songs which your little one can sing along enhancing their language skills.

Here are tips on getting the best activity table for your kid:

How sturdy is the table?
Although activity tables are not supposed to be supportive, it is important that you go for a table that is sturdy. You don’t want a table that will easily topple over your little munchkin. The best activity table is the one that will support your kid’s weight and remain firm on the ground. If your kiddo is learning how to walk, it is important you go for an activity table that can withstand their weight.
Before you purchase, check the material used to make the activity table. You don’t want to end up with a table that will not serve your kid for long. Choose a table which is constructed using heavy-duty plastic as it will be able to firmly support your kid and any extra weight that may come during the playing time.

Is it easy to clean?
Your kid needs to play and have fun in clean activity tables and checking how easy it is to clean the table is essential to avoid diseases. There are tables that have very tight areas which are very challenging to clean and they could lead to the growth of mold. Ensure you check whether the table has a cleaning mechanism that caters for such areas. Keep in mind that toddlers are messy and you definitely do not want to spend lots of hours scrubbing messes off a toy. Check whether the accessories that come with the table are machine washable.

What is the size of your table?
You need to consider the size of the table. Before you decide on the ideal table for you and your kid, consider the amount of available space in your home and where the table will be located. If you have limited free space, you are better off with a small table. However, if space is not an issue, you can go for a large sized table depending on your preference.

You also need to consider the activities to be done on the table. If your kiddo will need to have different materials laid on the table, you are better off with a large sized table that will fit all the materials. Similarly, if you have more kids using the table, a large-sized one will be ideal.

Final thoughts
An activity table will not only be a source of entertainment to your kid but also an educating tool. It will help your little one learn basic essential skills as well as satisfy their young curiosity. Depending on your priorities, following the above tips will ensure you get the best activity table for your little one. 

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