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Keep Your Summer Snacking Light with Sweet Crisps #MBPSummer19

Thanks to 34 Degrees for providing me with product. All thoughts are my own.

'Mom! I'm hungry!' If I had a dollar for every time I've heard this phrase shouted across our house this summer, I'd be a rich woman. I've struggled to keep my kids busy and entertained this summer. I'm sure I'm not alone. Stay at home or work at home parents often fight the boredom battle during the summer months, and more often than not boredom translates to wanting to snack. I get it, I've been there myself throughout my life, and the struggle is real at any age.

It does take a little planning (and willpower) to avoid snacks which are not so good for you. If your kids have sweet teeth like mine do, I have a great snack suggestion for you!

Available in flavors from savory to sweet and mild to robust, 34 Degrees crackers have delicate design and imperfectly beautiful edges that pair with any occasion or topping. With six savory varieties and four sweet varieties, there's a flavor option for every pallet!

A sweet summertime snack your family will love!

My kids cannot get enough of 34 Degrees Sweet Crisps!

We couldn't wait to try out all four flavors of Sweet Crisps from 34 Degrees. There are only four flavor options in the sweet crisps, but they're the four best flavors you could ever hope to consume!
These light and flavorful crackers remind me of very thin wafers (sort of like a communion wafer, but crispier, and definitely more delicious!). They're packed with sweet flavors like chocolate, lemon, cinnamon, and vanilla!

B and Bean approve! My little snackers absolutely demolished all four varieties of the Sweet Crisps!

Everyone in my house was crazy eager to try the crisps. I went for the chocolate and lemon varieties first. The chocolate crisps were the household favorite. We loved how rich and chocolatey they were!
My #2 favorite was the lemon flavor. Bean and I love all things lemon, and they were absolutely scrumptious with a cup of afternoon tea!

B and hubby were big fans of the vanilla (packed with vanilla bean!). B has also taken to the cinnamon flavor. It's easy to eat a bunch of the crisps in one sitting. They're so thin and light, you might just find yourself eating half of the bag at once. A serving size is about 17 crisps.

My kids are already begging for me to buy more of these delicious, sweet crisps! They're extremely picky eaters, so for them to ask my to buy anything is a pretty big deal.

I think I'll be buying a bag of the Chocolate Sweet Crisps and hiding them in a corner of the pantry (just for me!).

Want them? Get them!

You can find 34 Degrees crackers in the deli section of your local grocery store. They are also available at Walmart.com.

Connect with 34 Degrees on Facebook and IG.

Look for them in our 2019 Summer Product Guide!

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