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Importance of Drinking Water - And How Often We Forget to Do So

It’s not groundbreaking news that we need water to live. We hear about the danger of dehydration without knowing the details behind that threat. Even worse, we often toss drinking water off to the wayside in favor of sugary drinks or coffee. Here, we’re going to take a look at why you should increase your water intake for your needs

How Much Water Should You Be Drinking a Day? 

The general rule of thumb is that everyone should drink 8 glasses of water every day which equals out to about a half a gallon or two liters a day. This is a good goal to aim for but it isn’t very precise. The exact goal you should reach for depends on factors unique to you. 

The basic rules to follow for monitoring water intake are pretty simple. If you’re thirsty, reach for some water. Not thirsty? Don’t worry about drinking water. It’s all about listening to your body. 

There are situations in which you’ll want to increase this recommended water intake. For instance, if you’re out in the sun or going to the gym, you’re going to want to drink more water. 

Some medications will also dehydrate you, so you’ll need to increase your water intake then as well. Diuretics, laxatives, and chemotherapy can all have this effect. Psychiatric drugs like lithium can also have this effect. 

Water Protects Your Body

A large part of why your body needs water is that it helps to protect your joints, tissues, and spinal cord. It offers lubrication for them. This is because the cartilage in your body is what sits between your joints and the discs of your spine are made of 80% water. When you don’t give your body the water it needs, your cartilage can lose its ability to absorb shock the way it needs to. 

In short, this means that without them, you’re going to get sore and achy really quickly and easily. If you have a condition like arthritis, this makes staying hydrated an even higher priority because it’ll worsen your condition if you don’t.

It’s Better for Your Mouth

If you’ve ever had dry mouth, you know what a pain it can be. However, you don’t just see ads or hear dentists prescribe treatments for dry mouth just for your own comfort and convenience. 

Your mouth needs saliva to help break down food and keep your mouth clean. Not to mention, it’s pretty uncomfortable. There are plenty of reasons that you might have dry mouth. Aside from out-and-out dehydration, this can also be caused by medications your on, aging, cancer therapy, or even tobacco or recreational drug use.

While it may not entirely fix dry mouth if you have it as a preexisting condition, water is helpful in making sure your body produces enough saliva. It also helps with bodily functions such as keeping your eyes moist and creating necessary mucus. 

In addition, if you drink water instead of other, sugary drinks, it’ll help you avoid tooth decay. 

It Can Help You Stay Healthy 

If you’re worried about your weight, water is a great way to go. For one, it doesn’t have the calories of anything else you would choose to drink. It should be noted that if you’re trying to lose weight, water alone won’t be the answer but it does, again, help you avoid calories. You can also eat larger quantities of water-rich foods such as vegetables and stay healthy.

It Helps Clear Your Skin

Much like dry mouth, acne can be caused by a number of factors. Hormonal factors, medications, and skincare routines are just a few factors. 

Water is important to your skin because, while we don’t always think about it this way, your skin is an organ. It needs water to function properly just like any other part of your body. Drinking water is a way to help heal your skin and help it work as it should from the inside out. 

Another tip is to use hydrating moisturizers to your skin. This is especially useful if you have dry skin. This way, you’re hydrating your skin as much as possible from every direction. 

It Keeps Your Kidneys In Top Condition

Drinking water helps you urinate which helps to expel toxins from your body. Without that bodily function, the toxins get stuck in the kidneys. If you aren’t drinking water, you’re at a higher risk for problems such as kidney stones. While skipping out on a few glasses of water for a day won’t cause this, chronic dehydration will lead to this path. 

It Helps Carry Oxygen Through Your Body

Breathing brings oxygen into your body but your blood has to carry it from your lungs to the rest of your body. Your blood is over 90% water, so you need to stay hydrated to keep your body going. 

All in all, water is absolutely essential but it’s often something we take for granted. Make sure that you include plenty of water throughout your day so that you can feel at your best.

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  1. I drink A LOT of water and is probably why my skin is so smooth and supple. It is so important to stay hydrated inside and out!


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