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How to Start Your Own DIY Extreme Makeover: Playroom Edition

Even in the tidiest homes, the playroom can fall victim to becoming a minefield of toys, rather than a functional play space. A well-designed playroom has benefits beyond showing off when your in-laws come over.

A tidy thought out playroom can inspire your children to engage in developmentally vital play and give them a sense of pride in taking care of their belongings.

Here are some tips on how you can improve the playroom.

Organization is a Priority

This CANNOT be stressed enough. Organization is key to a playroom space. If you are a neat freak it can be tempting to pick up your children’s toys when they are not cooperating with clean up time. But cleaning up is a valuable lesson in responsibility. Having a place for everything makes tidying up a manageable task, even for little ones.

When the playroom is organized, you’ll avoid toys stacking up in piles. An organized space gives children complete access to all their belongings. Consider the following affordable organization ideas:

·       Use an over the door shoe organizer to store dolls and stuffed animals
·       Cube shelves with bins
·       Ottomans and seating that double as storage
·       Hammocks to store stuffed animals

Don’t Neglect the Walls

A fresh coat of paint and art on the walls are a budget-friendly way to completely transform a playroom.

Sites like ThePaintStore.com sell a wide variety of discount paint and painting supplies to get you started on your DIY project. Bright, fun colors or designs can make a world of difference.

You can hang up your children’s artwork or put up a corkboard where they can independently put their art on display.

Designate a Space for a Reading Nook

Younger tots are eager and excited to share their newly developing reading skills. Sadly, that enthusiasm tends to lessen with age. A cozy reading nook can keep the magic of reading alive.

·       Section off an area with curtains
·       Placing down some beanbag chairs
·       Arrange pillows and blankets in a closet

Any of these tactics just might create a space your children will look forward to opening a book in.

Bring in a Craft Table

A craft table is sure to please your artistic kiddos. It keeps all the messy paint and glitter contained in one area.

Convert an old table or shelf into a craft table or purchase something specifically for the job. Your dining room table will dodge the onslaught of paint and glue, and your child will have a place to express their creativity.

Shelves keep all your kid’s art supplies neatly organized and easily accessible. You can also purchase or craft your own tabletop rolls of paper to keep the creativity flowing.

Try Out a Play Clothes Station

If your child has a lot of dress-up clothes, some hooks and rails can be easily fashioned into a DIY dress up rack. Hanging clothes from a rack and accessories from hooks on the wall make them easy to find. A small stackable shelf beneath the clothes can keep play shoes neat and tidy.

Buy Foam Floor Mats

Carpets are a pain to clean and endure their fair share of spills and stains. On the other hand, hardwood can be cold and uncomfortable for young children trying to play on the floor.

Foam mats are an easy to clean, installation free, comfortable option to cover floors. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that Thomas the Tank Engine isn’t scratching your wood floors!

Keep Their Interests in Mind

Before designing your playroom think about your children’s interests. You don’t have to limit yourself to the ideas on this list; perhaps your kids would benefit from a fun display for collections, a mini pretend grocery, or a sensory corner.

The possibilities are endless! DIY projects for playrooms are satisfying because your efforts will be rewarded with the smiles and enjoyment of your kiddos.

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