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How To Create Family-Friendly Toddler Meals Without The Extra Hassle

Mealtimes are very important for a family. Not only are they the main source of nutrition for the day, but they also bring the family together to communicate and just be in each other’s company. When you have children, especially toddlers and babies, mealtime may become more of a battle than anything else. This is why it is so important to have some easy family-friendly toddler meals in your back pocket. There are a number of tricks you need to learn to make sure your fussy toddler doesn’t hold back the entire family meal.

You may be thinking that making your meals more toddler-friendly is going to mean more time and trouble, but you couldn’t be further from the truth. If you put in the work beforehand, and have the right recipes, feeding your toddler is going to be just as easy as the rest of the family. The trick is to make things that you know everyone is going to enjoy, it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Keep reading if you are looking for some tips and tricks on how to make mealtime easier with a toddler.

Make Sure They Can Feed Themselves

This doesn’t imply that your toddler should be eating perfectly with a fork, knife, and spoon. Rather it implies that finger foods are a very good idea when it comes to toddlers and meals, and the rest of the family isn’t going to mind either. With the number of options at the supermarket these days, you can find different finger foods to make meals from seven days a week. If your little one is in the middle of feeding themselves it means that no one else is tied up doing it and everyone can enjoy their meal. 

Make Large Batches

Now, this isn’t something that is recommended on a first-time recipe; you wouldn’t want to risk it. If there is some meal that you know everyone in your family really enjoys there is nothing stopping you from feeding it to them two or three days in a row. Making larger batches of food takes a little bit of extra time in the beginning, but it saves a lot more time on the other end. This is a perfect option for busy families as you can just reheat and serve whenever you need to. 

Pasta is always a great choice to make in large batches, and coincidentally it is loved by toddlers around the world. Everyone has a go-to pasta dish, and it won’t hurt to perfect yours. For those of you in a rush, you can always rely on bulk cooking to save you some time and effort. 

Don’t Make It Complicated

This may be the most basic advice you can be given, but people tend to overlook this when it comes to meals. Food does not have to be overly complicated to be healthy and taste good. Bagged salads, pre-roasted chickens, the list goes on with the number of easy foods in on the supermarket shelves these days. It always costs a little more but can be a lifesaver when it comes to feeding the family after a long day. 

Family First

The most important thing about a family meal is bringing everyone together and seeing them enjoy themselves. You can make sure your toddler, and the rest of your family, eat nutritious and delicious without a lot of major hassle. Just make sure to follow a few of these tips, plan your meals in advance, and you will be on easy street when it comes to family mealtime.

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