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Heart touching places for camping

When the word camping comes, our heart feels excited and much joyful. Camping means spend days and nights outside the home without any building. In camping, a tent is used to stay and enjoys nature. Camping always causes the enjoyment and cause of learning for human beings. In the world, there are lots of places where can be camped. Every country has many places for camping. We discuss some camping places in the world. 

Simien Mountains:
These mountains are situated in the mid of Amhara Region Ethiopia. Lake Tana makes its beauty more with its water and this lake also make the whole area greened. This is spread around about 3672 square kilometers. The main and largest source of water for this area is the Blue Nile. This is also used and port by the government. These mountains have unique and historic value. The shape of these mountains is like an inverted teardrop. The height of these mountains is 1800 Kilometers from the ground. For camping, these mountains are very famous. The historical cit Gondar is also saturated in this range, this city once was the capital. Near these mountains, there are also forest and park available for more fun. So we can say that this is one of the best places for camping.     

Lost Coast:

Lost Coast is located in the King Range of California. Lost Coast is one of the worst and remote parts of the California coast. This scene is usually falling to the jaw, and accidental waves and anger races include an element of risk and courage. This area is not comfortable for camping only for those who are the weak-hearted person. If you have great courage then you will stay here for camping and if you camping here you can take a lot of joys. Study the wavetable, look at the ocean, avoid avoiding the ocean by unexpected "snooker waves" and find out that the wave of water is high in large parts of this route. The steam rock means that the refund is not always possible if the time for your increasing mistake has passed.
Zoin National Park:
Zoin National park is a famous park in the USA. It is situated in the southwestern area of Utah. Park is spread in the area of 24 kilometers. Park has a shape of the slope. It rises from the ground to upper mountains. The lowest point of it is 1117 meter at Coalpits Wash and the highest point of this park is 2660 meter at the peak on Horse Ranch Mountain. That is the best place in the USA for camping fond. The mountains, greenery, and flow of water make its beauty more and more. Whenever you make a plan for camping with family, Zoin National Park is one of the best places of family camping. With family when you make your mind to start your camping don’t forget to take the best family tents with you. These tents will make your camping easier and joyful. So in life camping must be enjoying which also cause for you to learn new things.   

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