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Austin Hemp Supplier MINERAL Produces All-Natural Hemp-Based Sleep Aid

With Texas passing full hemp legalization in June of 2019, an industry that is older than the United States itself has been given the green light throughout the state. 

Already, the changes that this law brings are evident. In Austin, there is already a state-of-the-art hemp product dispensary. The store, called MINERAL, features an ultra-chic showroom in which users can choose from a variety of targeted hemp-based therapeutic products. 

Among the many uses that MINERAL’s products are designed for, its CBD sleep formulation is proving to be among the most popular and efficacious. 

MINERAL’s CBD Sleep Formulation Helps Those with Abnormal Sleep Routines
Through the miracles of modern selective plant breeding and techniques for the isolation and extraction of plant alkaloids, MINERAL has formulated strains of hemp plants that approach the effectiveness of over-the-counter medications while reducing side effects to a bare minimum. 

Because it only deals in hemp, which is any strain of Cannabis sativa that contains less than .3 percent THC, MINERAL’s products are both 100 percent legal in the state of Texas and nearly free of THC, which is the active ingredient in marijuana plants that causes the euphoric high that so many recreational users seek. 

While the absence of THC is bad news for partiers, it’s great news for those who seek real therapeutic effects from the use of cannabis plants. In one of nature’s ever-present tradeoffs, it turns out that the absence of THC from the hemp strains that MINERAL uses in its products means that there is far more room for the other bioactive alkaloids that naturally occur in the cannabis plant. 

Specifically, many of MINERAL’s formulations rely heavily on cannabidiol, a potent bioactive compound with a long list of beneficial pharmacological effects. Additionally, MINERAL has painstakingly cultivated its hemp plants to yield high amounts of specific terpenes. These are the compounds that give nearly all plants, fruits, and vegetables their unique aromas. However, many terpenes can also have primary pharmacological effects. 

For its sleep formula, MINERAL has maximized the plant yield of a number of terpenes that are known to aid in sleep, including caryophyllene, terpinolene, linalool, and myrcene. Together, these all-natural ingredients help users reliably fall asleep and stay that way for the duration of the night. 

But what is really so incredible about sleep and the entire assortment of other MINERAL products is the fact that these are 100 percent naturally occurring within the hemp plant. MINERAL formulations are not drugs. They are literally grown on the hemp plant itself, with only a minimal amount of processing. It would be more appropriate to compare MINERAL products to a glass of orange juice or V8. This means that the side effects of using these products are minimal, with most users experiencing no adverse effects at all.

All MINERAL Products are Certified Hemp
Even in a state that has recently legalized industrial hemp, it is important to emphasize the difference between products derived from hemp and those derived from THC-containing marijuana. The former is legal within all states that permit hemp products while the latter could still potentially get someone in serious trouble. 

All MINERAL products are 100 percent hemp-based. This means that the cannabis strains that MINERAL uses in its products have been tested and ensured to have less than .3 percent THC. 

While other cannabis product providers, especially those selling over the internet, may provide products that look similar to those offered by MINERAL, if they are derived from THC-containing marijuana, strains, then even possessing amounts above a certain threshold could land you with felony charges in Texas. 

With MINERAL products, both legal and health risks are eliminated. 

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