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A Family Escape To Oxford: What To See

Oxford is one of the most beautiful British cities to visit as a family. It’s known for not only it’s scholarly significance, but also its outstanding beauty. It has some of the most beautiful walks, cobbled streets and cultural monuments in the entirety of the country. If you want to keep the little ones entertained, but also soak up the beauty of this city, here are some places to visit and sites to discover.

The University Buildings

It’s not just London that has a Natural History Museum, Oxford University is home to one too. Their University of Natural History is a great place to visit to keep the kids entertained – and there’s no need to buy a train ticket to visit London. The University’s own museum is home to 4.5 million natural specimens, which is only second to the London’s own collection. 
Oxford University is also home to stunning botanical gardens – ideal if you need to let your kids enjoy some fresh air. The Botanic Garden has been around since 1621 and is home to some of the world’s most beautiful plant life. You will have glass houses containing vibrant tropical plants and some of Britain’s most monolithic native trees. 
You may be wondering too if, like Cambridge, you can take a punt through this glorious University City. You can hire punts either by the hour or by the day, allowing you to be flexible with how much time you spend on the river. If you are pressed for time, you can float past the university from a distance; giving you a chance to see its beauty without having to do a walking tour. 


Oxford is home to a wealth of restaurants and places to eat out. However, as any parent knows, sitting down with kids at dinner time can be more hassle than it’s worth – particularly at a fancy restaurant. Oxford has plenty of beautiful parks and views to sit and enjoy a picnic outside of. Takeaway establishments such as Ned's Noodle Bar are a great option for busy parents who want to enjoy a restaurant meal but at an affordable price. 

Blenheim Palace

You don’t need to travel all the way to Paris to see some of the world’s most stunning Baroque architecture. As well as Oxford University, this city has much more to offer in the way of beautiful buildings. At this UNESCO World Heritage Site, you’ll find gilded state rooms, ornate paintwork, and perfectly-manicured gardens; it’s no wonder that this is a Grade I listed building. As well as the general building’s grounds, you will also find exhibitions and an indoor cinema for entertainment value. 

Oxford is the perfect city for families. Not only does it have an abundance of interesting museums, but it also has plenty of beautiful sites to get kids’ imaginations going. You can either enjoy a relaxing punt on the river or spend your days strolling the streets; it’s the best way to enjoy a city that’s relaxed in nature.

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  1. I would love to see Oxford, I've heard and read about it, but that doesn't compare to being able to experience it!


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