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5 Exercises to turn your body into a fat burning machine


There are five special exercises that you can use to turn your body into a fat-burning machine, but you need to get to know these exercises early on so that you know what your options are.  Most people who are trying to learn how to burn fat and stay in shape are going to want to know what their options are so that they can pick the exercise that they would prefer to do every day.  Plus, you can use these exercises at any time when you are alone or in a space where it is easy to start exercising.

1.  Crunches

When you are choosing these exercises you need to remember that most of the people who are doing crunches can move on to other exercises because they are not worn out by the crunches that they have done.  When you are doing these crunches, you need to have your core fully engaged so that there is no question about how you will get your body to remain healthy. You can use the exercises on your own so that you are working out on your schedule.

2.  Push Ups

The push up is a very easy exercise to learn, but it is a very hard exercise to master.  You simply need to see if you can get through enough of them to feel the burn, and you can start challenging yourself to see how many you can do in a short period of time.  Someone who is counting their push ups will start to feel as though they have the best chance of getting into a head space where they can exercise more freely and feel more powerful because of it.

3.  The Lunge

The lunge that you are doing is something that you can use to firm your thighs and glutes.  This is a very simple exercise to do, but you could do them much more powerfully if you did them faster or even held weights while you did them.  This is the kind of exercise you do when you are not sure where to start because you will instantly start to feel the burn.

4.  Wall Presses

Holding yourself against a wall with just your legs is very hard, and you have to remember that most people who are trying to do these exercises will feel like they can hold themselves up a little bit more every time they do them.  There are a lot of people who will want to come up with a plan that will be best for them. You could add these to your plan right now because they are so simple.

5.  Running

Running is always the best thing to do because you can easily set up a plan for running that gives you time during the day to run a certain distance, prepare for races, and ensure that you have the best options for the future.  You can add all these exercises together to get a result that will be perfect for you.

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  1. These are all good, although I'm not doing any of these now. I'm just lifting some lightweight hand weights, and doing some planks. Not much burn there.


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