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3 Ways to Make Your Home Look More Modern

Over time, fashions and styles change, even if they seemed completely modern and hip when you first purchased them. If this can be said of clothing, the same can certainly be said of your home d├ęcor – what was once modern and stylish can become old-fashioned as time goes on, even if you chose the style because it seemed neutral and timeless. 

If you have looked around your home and noticed that it has started to look dated, you might be wondering just what you can do to make it look better. Here are some great ideas to add a touch of today – or even the future – to your home. 

Remove the Carpets 
If you have carpets in your home, how do they look? You might not think that carpets can look dated, but the reality is that they can, especially if they have patterns or are colored rather than a more neutral look. Removing these carpets and having a different type of flooring can certainly help to make your home look more modern. 

Wooden flooring can look wonderful, for example, and you can switch colors and styles as you see fit if you have a rug over it. Something that is very popular and extremely modern is epoxy flooring Toronto, which will instantly lift any room out of the past and propel it into the future. Plus, this flooring is easy to maintain, making your home a simple one to deal with. 

Use Mirrors 
Mirrors always emphasize light and space in any room, but they also look modern and sleek, giving you the chance to upgrade your style for a relatively small cost. Since they are easy to remove or change from room to room, you can always keep up with different trends as they arrive whilst still giving your home the new look that you have been searching for. 

Take a look at the frames of your mirrors, as it is these that will make the most difference. Don’t go for something that is too floral or ‘swirly’. You should pick plainer frames, or frames that are angular for a really modern look. 

Color is something that can easily date a property – think of the browns and oranges of the 70s, or the blacks and reds of the 80s, for example. This means you need to be careful when you are choosing colors for your home. The ‘safest’ option is to use neutral colors around your home, but these won’t necessarily reflect your personality, and, although you want your home to be modern, you want to be able to enjoy it too. Therefore, a pop of color here and there is a good idea. 

The key here is to use bright colors sparingly. They should be an accent, included in a rug, drapes, perhaps cushions for your couch – preferably an item you can switch out if fashions change. You might even want to include one focal wall of color in the room, but this must be considered carefully. If the color you choose is too dark, the room will look smaller, even if the color is only on one wall.

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