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What Did You Do the Summer After High School?

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The summer before college. I was so excited to be done with high school and moving on to a university. Other people I knew traveled, got ready for college, worked, or just hung out at home. I never had an official job, but helped my dad off and on with his business when I was a teenager. The summer before college was no exception. 
I helped my dad paint, clean, organize, or whatever else needed to be done.

I also spent much of my time volunteering at a local theater. I had been involved in theater since I was in 6th grade and loved performing. My best friend had been involved with this theater for years and he was directing a show with his theater friend. 

I helped with make-up and back stage for the production. I loved working with other theater people and continued to volunteer my time and efforts the next few summers. It was a creative outlet for me that I enjoyed. 

What did you do the summer after high school? 


  1. I went to the seaside and was relaxing before starting work as a writer. I tried to read lots of books and enjoy my freedom.


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