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Weekends with the Wigglesworths- Welcome June!

Happy Saturday, friends! It's the first weekend of June and we are already off to a great start for the month. The sun is shining and we have plans to hit the hiking trails at Southford Falls today. I woke up earlier than I like to on a Saturday, but I've had my coffee and got some things done, so I am feeling "Spongebob ready". 

The video above is shared for those who didn't get the Spongebob reference. We don't watch too much Spongebob, but I have a sister who was a pretty big fan, so random moments from the show get stuck in my head. 

After our hike, we'll be heading out for lunch and then the rest of the day is wide open. I'm not too sure what we'll be doing, but I'm hopeful that it will involve lots of time soaking up the sun. I'm grateful we were able to run the majority of our boring adult errands during the week so that they won't cut into our weekend. 

I hope that you have an amazing first weekend of June!  Doing anything fun today?   

Drop a comment below or catch me at @mommysblockparty on FB. 

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