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Weekends with the Wigglesworths- One Week Into Summer Break Already!

Happy Saturday, friends! The Wigglesworth crew is already one week into summer break and aside from a few (very) scarce adventures, it's been a pretty mellow start to summer. Hopefully, this weekend will help us turn things around.

It looks like the weather will be cooperating with us this weekend. Sunshine and cooler temperatures are expected, which is pretty much perfect after a week full of overcast skies and rain. Since we didn't get to Lake Compounce for Father's Day, I'm hoping to head there today. 

I'd also really like to go for a nice scenic hike, find a few geocaches, and maybe have a  picnic. We've visited Southford Falls recently and as much as I love it there, it's time to expand our horizons a little bit.  Gillette Castle is on our "summer bucket list" and I wouldn't mind exploring a few other places, like Chapman Falls, in East Haddam this weekend. Maybe I can convince Matt the nearly hour drive there will be worth it.  

What kinds of adventures are you hoping to have this weekend? 
 Leave a comment below or catch me on social media @mommysblockparty on Facebook & @beautyrepv on Instagram and Twitter. 

Have a whiz-bang weekend!

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