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Tips on Choosing the Ideal Statement Lighting for Your Home

Creating an ideal lighting atmosphere entails more than simply knowing the right wattage for your ceiling lights. You want to even out the lighting by providing multiple sources in strategic points around the room. In most cases, you can get away with some smart placements to best balance the sources of light. But sometimes, a room can still feel incomplete—as if lacking something you can’t pinpoint. One good way to solve this is by installing a statement lighting piece to hold everything together. 

Before the internet, searching for a statement lighting piece could be difficult if you don’t have a personal decorator. After all, you’d have needed to keep important measurements of your space as you visit multiple furniture showrooms and other stores in search of the right piece. But today, you can easily browse through multiple selections from many online merchants. There are even useful online resources that can point you to some of the most important places to start your search. For example, you can check out this article—24 of the Best Online Lighting Stores (Great List)—from HomeStratosphere.com. 
However, you can run the risk of disrupting your existing lighting setup if you just get any random light fixture. And since statement pieces aren’t cheap, randomly experimenting can put a serious strain on your budget. Luckily, there are some simple but highly helpful considerations for choosing the right one for your home. Here are some of them. 
Balance the Lighting by Complementing the Architecture
You’ve probably already considered this if you’ve started to plan out your lighting. However, it’s important to reiterate how crucial it is to complement the space you have. For example, if your living room has an asymmetric floor plan, then a big central piece can help ground things and provide the other elements a vital anchor point. Conversely, a squarish room or any space with a more radially symmetric plan can feel a bit drab. Here, an off-center piece like a decorative lamp on a side table or an ornate floor lamp can help break the tension, without necessarily ruining the room’s vibe.  
Stretch Spaces Upward with Hanging Fixtures
Centerpiece lighting options don’t have to be 100-percent bound by the rules of gravity. Though definitely more expensive, hanging fixtures like chandeliers and pendant lights are guaranteed to draw attention. As a bonus, they also make rooms seem more spacious—a good way to impress visitors. Alternatively, you can also make the actual light nearer to the floor to lessen the cavernous impact of high ceilings.  
Don’t Be Afraid to Mix up the Styles
Avoid the pressure of trying to keep everything matched. A unified style won’t always be the best way to light a space. Try to experiment by combining styles and pieces inspired by different periods. Indeed, this option gives you plenty of room to express your personal sense of style. For example, you can break the monotony of minimalist-looking table lamps by introducing an ornate sconce or a sputnik lamp. The key idea is to balance different styles while making sure that your central piece complements the other smaller pieces.
When All Else Fails, Go for What’s Timeless
In the end, going for a classic look is a great choice for most types of spaces. Indeed, it’s generally safer to go for a timeless piece when picking out your statement light. An elaborate chandelier or a sculpted lamp can be both a solid choice and a guaranteed conversation starter with guests. In addition to being a natural complement for other vintage pieces, they also provide a solid contrast with contemporary lighting fixtures—without necessarily disrupting the overall design.

To recap, your chosen statement lighting piece should immediately grab the attention of anyone entering your living room. But more importantly, it should be capable of holding every other minor piece together. When done correctly, your space will end up being well-lit, stylish, and comfortable.

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