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The FurReal Friends Grooming Salon Offers Little Ones at Home Pet Care Fun! #MBPSummer19

Thanks to Hauck Toys for the sample. All thoughts are my own.

We had the pleasure of puppy-sitting for some dear friends of ours a couple of weeks ago, and the kiddos found themselves rather attached to the pups. Due to our animal dander allergies, it's hard for us to keep pets in our home. We love any chance we get to cuddle with furry friends (especially hypoallergenic ones!). It was really hard to say goodbye to Mo and Boog, such wonderful dogs. There were definitely lots of tears as we left the house, and then after we got back to our own house.

Have fun at home with 
FurReal Friends by Hauck Toys

The FurReal Friends Grooming Salon by Hauck is a sweet playset for little ones who love to take care of sweet pet pals. A friend of mine is a groomer, and she is so passionate about what she does. She truly loves dogs and I love to see photos of her taking care of all of the sweet doggy clients she meets.

This adorable toy gives kids the chance to care for FurReal Friends in this playtime grooming salon. The salon is fashioned like a pet carrier, and the top can be removed, which reveals the salon.

Included with the playset are lots of grooming tools, like a sprayer, shampoo, treats, a hair dryer, scissors, and more! The playset also makes realistic sounds to go right along with fun creative playtime.

Bean has been having a ball with the grooming salon. All of her fury little plush pals have paid a visit to the salon already, and I think her brother's plush pals are next in line! This is such a fun and creative toy for little ones who love to care for their pets, or who want to play out the fantasy of owning a pet of their own.

Want it? Get it!

All of these awesome FurReal Friends toys by Hauck are available on Amazon. Head on over to Hauck International to check out even more of their amazing toys for kids! 
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