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Successful Phone Dating Tips for Moms

Phone dating can seem overwhelming but the fact that there are people who have succeeded at it means that you can make a phone relationship work. You just have to know and apply tips for successful phone dating. So, without further ado, here are tips to help make phone dating successful:

1. Ensure That You Communicate Clearly
Miscommunicating something can negatively impact your relationship. This is something that affects both dating in real life and chat line dating. However, its effects are worse when it comes to phone dating. As such, it is very important to communicate clearly to make phone dating successful. Communicating clearly will help you avoid confusion so try as much as possible to be clear with what you say.

2. Talk to Your Partner about the Things to Call About and Those to Text About
There are some things to talk about on the phone with your partner while there are others to text. It is a good idea to talk to your partner about things to call about and those to text about. Do this early enough to make your relationship work. Remember that there are some things that may be too long to text and texting them can annoy your partner. Therefore, it is good to agree with your partner on the kind of things to communicate and the times to communicate them.

3. Know Each Other’s Schedules
Knowing your partner’s schedules will help you avoid anxiety and worrying so much especially when your partner does not respond in a decent amount of time. Memorizing each other’s schedules or communicating your schedules in the morning can help you know the right time to call or text your partner. 

4. Communicate Last-Minute Things or Last-Minute Schedule Changes
Communicating last-minute things or schedule changes will help you avoid thinking that your partner is ignoring you when this is not the case. I know that it can be annoying when you know that your partner is free only to send texts or call and get no response. 

If you know that you know that a last minute change may make you unavailable, tell your partner about it. Sending a quick text will only take 30 seconds. These 30 seconds are very important as they can save your relationship.

5. Video Chat At Least on a Weekly Basis
I know that some people video chat more often than once per week but as a standard, it is good to video chat at least once a week to strengthen your relationship. Keep in mind that a video chat is a very important connection that can keep the spark in your relationship alive. 

It may be better to schedule video chats with your partner on a weekly basis or coordinate “date nights.” The good thing about this is that it will make you feel like you are connected to your partner in person.

6. Consider New Ways of Sexting
Despite the fact that people don’t have sex when phone dating, there are ways to overcome this. Sexting can bring you and your partner close together hence making you desire your partner more. Ensure that your sexts are passionate, fun and entertaining. Sexting can become boring if you keep using the same ways over and over again. Pique your partner’s interest by trying new ways of texting and having phone sex.

7. Be a More Understanding Person
A phone dating relationship mostly requires an understanding person. In your phone dating life, there may be times when things look sketchy or you are not able to communicate with your partner for much of the day. You will need to be an understanding person to deal with such situations in the best way possible.

8. Talk about Emotional Disconnection When You Feel Emotionally Disconnected
While you may talk with your partner on the phone on a regular basis, there may be times when you feel emotionally disconnected from your significant other. When this happens, it is good to talk about it as this is the only way to deal with the problem. Let your partner know when he or she is being distant or when he or she isn’t giving you enough of your attention during your conversations. Talking about this problem is the only way to overcome it. 

9. Give Your Significant Other Lots of Compliments and Reassurance
Reassurances and compliments can help you maintain trust and affection in your relationship. This is because of the fact that your partner can feel down on himself or herself as he or she is not there with you. Reassure your significant other how much you are attracted to him or her. Do so on a daily basis.

10. Avoid Text Fights
If you want to be successful at phone dating, avoid text fights by all means. Fighting over texting is never a good idea as there is too much that you need to talk about and texting may not be a good mode of communication as texts are usually meant to be short and sweet. 

Texting will only make your fight long and draw out. In addition, when you take your fight to your fingertips, your significant other could may interpret what you are saying in his or her own way. This is because of the fact that your partner cannot read your tone through text. 

Instead of text-fighting, call your significant other and talk about the problem. It is important to hear your partner’s tone of voice as it helps you know whether he or she is being genuine and what he or she is concerned about.

11. Stop Letting the Little Things Bother You
You should know that there are some little things that can be blown out of proportion if they are not dealt with early enough. Instead of letting these little things bother you, let them go. Avoid worrying about every small issue unless it is very important. Otherwise, every little issue will become a full-blown argument.

12. Talk about Relationship Expectations with Your Significant Other
The only way to make your partner know the number of times and the time you want him or her to call or text you is by openly talking about your relationship expectations. Make these expectations early enough so that both of you know what to expect in the relationship. This is the best and easiest way to avoid not communicating enough.

13. Don’t Forget That You Also Have an In-Person Life

The fact that your relationship is over the phone, does not mean that you should always be on the phone. You also have an in-person life to enjoy. So, have fun and then put your phone away by engaging in other activities such as spending time with your friends and loved ones. In fact, staying away from your phone once in a while can make you ready for important conversations.

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