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My Favorite Way To Bond With My Hubby: 15th Wedding Anniversary Edition

A couple weekends back, my hubby surprised me with a night away: kid free!

As you can see from the photo, my sweet husband planned a special night at the Ritz-Carlton for our 15th anniversary. We had been talking about what we may want to do for such a landmark anniversary. We knew we wanted to create a special memory, but a big trip for just the two of us is not really possible right now. 

He got in touch with my parents and coordinated a sleepover so that we could spend a night at the Ritz-Carlton in downtown Charlotte!

This was the first time we have stayed at the Ritz and I hope it won't be the last! Luxury on top of luxury, sprinkled with luxury is the way I would describe this special hotel. 

Our first stop before check-in was Amelie's CafĂ©. If we were going downtown, I knew I wanted to try Amelies. One of my favorite desserts is the macaron. I saw online Amelie's is known for their amazing pastries, including macarons! 

Amelie's Cafe

Broccoli, pea, croissant croutons, bacon and greens salad. No bacon for me, but the hubs enjoyed the extra portion.

We shared a delicious, fresh salad and brought our pastries back to the hotel. An iced caramel latte was the perfect cap to our lunch. I will tell you this: the macarons did not disappoint. I'm still daydreaming about them. Lucky for us, Amelie's is a quick 45 minute drive to happiness. 

Notice the small rectangle IN the mirror? That's a TV.

There is complimentary fruit each day for guests to enjoy.

The Ritz-Carlton is impeccable from the moment the valet takes your car. The room was flawless and the personal touches really made our stay extra special! 

So, what is my favorite way to bond with my hubby? Sharing a NEW EXPERIENCE!

Not only is the Ritz a hotel we have never visited, but he also booked a couples massage at the Ritz spa. I was floored when he told me about this surprise!

I have had a massage once and my hubby has never. We entered the dimly lit room and inhaled the amazing aroma. We were on separate tables, side by side and each had a massage therapist moving in synchronicity. I'm married to a guy that is a huge social butterfly. I knew this experience was going to have some funny moments because that's just who he is. He couldn't help himself and was making our two ladies (who were amazing and very professional) laugh every other minute. They were so sweet and helped to make the 50 minute massage a memorable experience we will never forget!

My forever best friend and true love! 

If you have that desire to rekindle the fun in your marriage, please do something new together. When you are engaging in an activity with your spouse that neither of you is familiar with, you can't help but to lean on one another every step of the way. 

If you have a favorite anniversary, drop a comment below and tell us about it! You may help give another reader a great idea. What advice would you give to your younger self that has just become engaged? 


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