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Making the Most Out of the Mundane

Laundry: I loath doing.
Dishes: It feels like they take forever to do!
Potty Training: Why can't we be born to know how to go potty?!
Cooking Dinner: I'm the worst cook! {Shout out to Food Network if you're casting for your next season of Worst Cooks in America! Look no further, I'm your gal!}
Bedtime Routine: Usually takes an hour - hour and a half
Cleaning up After the my Girls: A never ending story...

 Mommas, I don't know about you, but many of the daily tasks that have become routine feel so monotonous and mundane. 

Bedtime feels like it takes an eternity! Bath, jammies, read 3 books, milk, prayers and bed...Oh, wait, "Mommy, potty!" Did I mention we co-sleep? Yes, I'm that mom. My oldest can't fall asleep without one of us laying down with her. Yes, I know, she's two - she should be in her own bed, but guess what? She's not and that's okay. I have a super supportive husband who doesn't mind. I admit, it can get incredibly frustrating at times trying to get her to go to sleep in a timely manner. 

The dishes can pile up on both sides of the sink. Usually, I put it off till the girls go to bed and by then, I'm ready to go to bed myself. My oldest loves to "help" with all of these mundane, daily tasks. Any other Mommas out there run the same load of laundry three times before it makes it to the dryer? If so, you are my people! It's not due to lack of laziness, I just simply forget.

While, "I help, Mommy" can be cute, it can also test your patience. The older she gets, the easier her help gets, but sometimes Mommy just doesn't need help or wants to get something done quicker. 

My gal "helping" unload the dishwasher.

Remember, your little's won't be this little for long. I have slowly realized that while it can be frustrating that their little hands and feet don't move as fast as I would like, they are learning. They are learning how to be independent and responsible human beings. They are learning to be proud of themselves and want us to be proud of them too! They are learning to make mistakes and ask for help.

Piles upon piles of laundry, kid friendly dishes waiting to be loaded into the dishwasher, toys strewn across the living room, snuggles and stalling at bedtime, taking 5-10 minutes to tell daddy goodbye on our mornings off and all of the many, many thankless tasks we do as supermom's on a daily basis means I am incredibly lucky to have been blessed with two amazing little girls!

Telling daddy goodbye for the day sometimes takes longer
than I like for it to, but it is one of the sweetest moments.

Take heart Mommas, your littles love you! Remember to give your littles the same amount of grace you give yourself. Those "mundane" tasks are actually memories being made. Make the most out of them. They're only this little for so long.

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  1. This is so true! The simple, seemingly mundane moments become more and more precious as kids grow up. My son and daughter are adults now and I love to look back at those memories.


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