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Make Their Summer Sizzle with Beaker Creatures Reactor Pods #MBPSummer19

Thanks to Learning Resources for the samples. All thoughts are my own.

It's hard to believe that my kids have already been out of school for a month. It's gone by so fast! I'm already starting to think about what we'll need when we head back to school in 6-7 weeks, and to tell you the truth, I'm dreading those early mornings already. Summer vacation has been pretty dreamy for this work-at-home-mom. I've been enjoying quiet mornings while everyone has slept in, leisurely, breakfasts, and more. By late morning, though, the kids are super active and ready to have fun and explore, so I am filling their days with fun learning activities on the days we're not traveling.

Learning Resources Helps Keep My Kids Learning All Summer Long!

I'm a longtime fan of Learning Resources educational toys, games, and activity sets for kids of all ages. We've been enjoying their products for at-home learning and educational purposes since both of my kiddos were tiny tots. While they certainly have everything parents need to create tailored learning experiences for summertime, they also have cool activities for older kids which help keep their wheels turning while not in school.

Which Beaker Creature will be revealed?

My kids recently got their hands on these super fun little boxes, which contained Beaker Creatures Reactor Pods! These go along with previous Beaker Creature products by Learning Resources, which provide cool science learning experiences for kids.

Each Beaker Creatures box contains three pieces- the creature (which is encased in bath-bomb like product), poster, and card. To reveal your creature, unwrap the 'egg,' and then submerge it under water. Watch as the egg begins to fizz and foam, revealing the container which holds your new creature!

Fizzy, foamy green and blue hands and all, these two couldn't wait to see which creatures they would wind up with! The experiment is a little messy, but nothing we couldn't quickly and easily clean up with paper towels. The kids love watching the reactor pods fizz, and Bean couldn't quite keep her hands out of the foamy water. She did wind up with Smurf-blue hands, but again, was quickly cleaned with soap and water.

Both kids wound up with squiggly little creatures to add to their collections. They had a lot of fun doing the experiment and playing with their new creatures afterward.

Want them? Get them!

There are lots of reasons to love Learning Resources products. They're creative, engaging, and educational. The Beaker Creatures are perfect for kids ages 5+. It provides a cool science experiment and learning activity for those moments of 'MOM! I'm bored!' They're also great for rainy days, and small enough to take along with you when you travel. Since they're easy and quick to use and clean up, you don't have to worry about making a ginormous mess! 

Look for these and other fun Beaker Creatures, along with other cool learning toys and games over at Learning Resources!

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Let's chat summertime learning. How are you keeping your kids engaged this summer? Drop me a comment below or over on social media @mommysblockparty on FB or @mommysblckparty on Twitter and IG.

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