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How to Make Your Own Garden Soaker Hose?

Do you find yourself regularly buying new garden hoses? Is watering your garden taking up your time? Then a garden soaker hose is your best bet. A soaker hose is an excellent way to water your garden. 
Check out these tips on how to make your own garden soaker hose.

A DIY Garden Soaker Hose

One benefit of the soaker hose is that the water goes deep into the ground, close to the roots. The soaker hose also ensures a slow, steady flow of water, allowing the plants to absorb the water gradually.

Additionally, it keeps the foliage as dry as possible, preventing your plants from getting infected. A soaker hose won’t only make it easier to water your garden, but it’ll also save you money by cutting down on your water bill.

It doesn’t take much effort to make a garden soaker hose. All you need is an old hose that you no longer use, a hose cap, a permanent marker, a ruler, and a drill. If you don’t own a drill, a poke pin will do the job.

Follow these steps, and you’ll have your homemade soaker hose in no time!
1. Choose a suitable garden hose. Ideally, it should be long enough to cover most of your garden. You might need to make two or three hoses if your garden is large. A soaker hose that is too long won't give you the best results.

2. Use the marker and the ruler to divide the hose into equal segments. Spacings of three inches would be ideal.

3. Once you’ve marked where the holes will be, you can start drilling the holes evenly through the whole length of the hose. Make sure you don’t initially drill huge holes. Start with tiny holes then enlarge them if you find it necessary.

4. Use a hose cap to seal the opening at the end of the hose. This way, pressure is created inside the hose, which forces the water to come out from the holes instead of the opening. Just make sure you seal it tightly enough to prevent leakage.

5. Attach the hose to another shorter undamaged hose and connect it to the water source. This way, you allow the water to flow uninterrupted until it reaches the soaker hose. Furthermore, you can check out for precise guidance here.

Tips to Make the Most out of Your Soaker Hose

Bury the hose under a layer of mulch to minimize evaporation. Don’t bury it under the soil. 

Water your garden two or three times a week. Don’t keep water running for more than 30 minutes unless you have to. This mainly depends on where you live and whether there’s a drought or not.

Remove the hose cap and flush your hose every once in a while to prevent clogging. The mulch layer might cause the holes to get clogged if left for a long time. You can also use mesh water filters.

Make sure there are no kinks in the hose to prevent blocking the water flow.

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  1. My husband is always purchasing garden hoses. A DIY Garden Soaker Hose is a great idea!


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