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How to Create a Softer Interior Design in 2019

Bright lighting, bold shades, and loud patterns can make your décor appear harsh and uninviting. 
If you want to create a warm, welcoming, and comfortable family home that will encourage relaxation, you must aim to soothe the eye when a guest steps inside your property.
To eradicate a loud décor and develop a cozy style, read these top tips on how to create a softer interior design in 2019.

Incorporate Pastel Shades
To make a room within your home appear much softer and larger, you shouldn’t hesitate to incorporate pastel shades into your interior design. It can be an effective tactic for cutting away the harshness of darker shades, as they can reflect light and could make a room appear more welcoming.
Use Texture
Soften hard chair or sofa edges by adding a throw blanket and pillows onto your living room furniture. It can make your space appear cozy and less cold, which will make you eager to sit down, relax, and unwind after a busy day.
You also could add more texture by laying down a faux fur rug, which can add softness and comfort into your décor, while creating the illusion of a much bigger space.
Hang Beautiful Drapes
Drapes cannot only inject color and texture into your interior design, but they can also turn harsh sunlight into a softer glow, which can make you feel more relaxed and comfortable when at home. To find the perfect design to suit your needs and color scheme, learn more about Hunter Douglas drapes.
Feature Soft Artificial Lighting
In addition to toning down harsh natural light, you also can create a softer atmosphere by incorporating the right artificial lighting into a space. For example, rather than switching on a pendant light that can hurt your eyes, incorporate a soft glow into a room by:
  • Installing spotlights
  • Hanging stylish wall lights
  • Adding a table lamp
  • Lighting candles
Welcome Nature
Soften up your space by welcoming more natural elements into your home. For example, not only are indoor plants colorful and attractive, but they can purify the air while lifting your mood and warming a space. When combined with natural sunlight and raw wood, various plant life can create a cozy, comfortable home; you will never want to leave.
Avoid Hard Edges
Many homeowners make the blunder of buying furniture with hard edges, which can make an interior design appear both cold and uninviting. To ensure a room isn’t dominated by hard lines, which can make your guests want to walk back down your driveway, you should opt for furniture with softer edges. For example, you could incorporate a coffee table that features curved edges, which can create a soothing space.

Creating a soft interior design doesn’t need to be complex. All you must do is focus on introducing light color schemes, avoiding hard lines, adding texture, and emitting a soft glow across a room, which can transform the look and feel of your property.

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  1. These are great tips. I've been adding new indoor plants to my home recently. I like the idea of installing spotlights.


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