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Here's to You Dads!

My dad and I during my father/daughter dance during my wedding.

Father's Day is right around the corner and if you were fortunate like me, you have the best dad in the world!
If you know my dad, he's quite unique. He is incredibly hard working, funny and quirky! He's also one heck of a cook! {Sadly, that is not a trait I acquired from him.} I have always admired him and I always will.

 I never had to wonder if my dad loved me. He has always told us. Through the years, I can't remember many times that he missed a game or performance between the three of us siblings. He's always been there to give advice and suggestions, whether we wanted to hear it or not. Before leaving the house to go out with friends or go somewhere, he would always say to us, "Remember your last name..." as a reminder to remember who/where we came from and to mind our manners. This has always stuck with me. 

He has instilled in my siblings and myself a willingness to serve others with a grateful heart. I am certain I can speak for myself and siblings when I say he's one of a kind! Love ya, Dad!

It's been awesome to watch my dad transition into "Bampi".
He quickly transitioned from no grand children to three under three years. 
Like myself, my girls have an amazing Dad. I loved my husband before he became a father, but my love for him has changed. {In the most wonderful way!} I've always known he would be an amazing father, but to see it in real life is something else. He's the patient and calm to my high strung anxious self.

My husband has a side to him that he doesn't show many. He has a generous heart and soft side. He's silly and fun. He is always making us laugh! He's the more adventurous one.

The ultimate daddy's girl herself - but he doesn't mind.
Our girls will one day see how incredibly hard working their father is. There are many times he 
doesn't get home till closer to 7 and every night when he gets home, it never fails, he scoops up both girls and showers them with hugs and kisses. I know that our girls will never have to question if their father loves them. He is constantly telling them, "I love you so much!" and "Who's the bestest girls in the world?" From being a pro-fort builder to super sneaky hider, he's a super stellar hands on dad! We are so lucky he is ours! 

My oldest daughter looks just like me, but personality wise, she is her father. It drives me a little nutty sometime's, but I wouldn't change her! She's smart, witty, funny and strong-willed. The relationship that my daughter and husband have is something special and I hope she always cherishes it! I already see a special relationship brewing with our youngest and I can't wait to watch it grow! Thank's for being the girls real-life super hero! They love you so and so do I.

Helping to make their world go round!

So, here's to all you dad's out there: the freshly new dads, single dads, working dads, stand-in dads, step-dads. Cheers to you! May you know you are loved, not just on Father's day, but every day!

What is your favorite thing about your Dad?
Are you doing anything special to celebrate Dad on Father's Day?

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  1. Great photos! Happy Father's Day to your dad and hubby. My fiance' is a wonderful man. He is a loving, kind, hardworking person as well as a awesome dad and grandfather, amazing cook and the best friend I could ever ask for.


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