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Give Dad the Toughest Cooler Around for Summer Adventures and Beyond #MBPDadsandGrads19

Thanks to TITAN for the sample. All thoughts are my own.

I consider myself extremely lucky to be married to a man who has an amazing sense of adventure. From the time where we were growing up together, through our first few years of dating and through all of the nearly twelve years we've been married, I have always felt safe with him. There's honestly nowhere I wouldn't go as long as he was with me. I'm not much of an outdoorsy type of gal, but my hubs encourages me to be much more adventurous than I would ever be on my own.

For years, he's been mentioning dreams of family camping trips, and one day going on a cross-country road trip (when our kids are old enough). I'm mostly in agreement with the idea of camping, provided we do it safely, and have the proper gear needed for such an adventure.

Since I know zip about camping, we'll soon be headed to a Camp Jellystone Resort in Golden Valley, NC, to test the waters of camping with kids. While we're there, we'll be camping/glamping, but will be cooking meals on the outdoor grill, and will be bringing along needed grocery items for the trip.

The only cooler you'll ever need: The TITAN Deep Freeze Roto Cooler by Arctic Zone

We can't wait to camp with the TITAN Roto Cooler!

This Father's Day, the TITAN Deep Freeze Roto Cooler is the ultimate gift for the dad who loves adventure! This virtually indestructible, heavy duty 55 qt cooler is completely awesome!

When this cooler arrived on our front porch, I was wowed! I called my hubby to come and help me bring it into the house, as it's pretty big and requires a bit of heavy lifting. While it doesn't roll, it does have heavy duty handles/carry straps on the sides, which make it easy for someone (who's strong) to pick it up and carry it, or for two people to lift and carry together, which is much more my speed.

All set for a few days at the lake, thanks to the amazing capacity and cooling features of the TITAN Deep Freeze Roto Cooler!

The TITAN Deep Freeze Roto Cooler (55 qt) has a lot of fabulous features. As we packed to head to the lake for a few days, I knew we'd need to bring a lot of food items from home, and while we were traveling more than 45 minutes from our home base, we still wanted to keep frozen food frozen and refrigerated items cold. I knew that the TITAN Deep Freeze Roto Cooler would get the job done and keep our food from spoiling in the car.

I was pretty amazed by how much food I was able to get into the cooler. We used our ice packs, rather than loose ice in the cooler for the car trip, and it worked wonderfully. When we head on the camping trip, we'll definitely rely more on the fact that the TITAN deep freeze roto cooler can keep ice for up to eight days! Plus, the cooler is essentially bear-proof! This actually makes me really happy to know regarding our upcoming trip. We also usually take trips up to the mountains in the fall, and bears have been known to get into trash cans and coolers where we've stayed in the past.

TITAN Deep Freeze Roto Cooler (55 qt) Features

Whether you’re off on some outdoor adventure or camping with friends, you don’t want to worry about the ice in your cooler melting. The Titan Deep Freeze® High-Performance Roto Cooler features uni-body rotationally molded construction and a premium blend of thick polyurethane insulation that maximizes ice retention for up to 8 days!  The cooler also features a 360° rubber gasket along with heavy-duty T-latches that are corrosion resistant. In combination, they provide a tight seal to keep the cold inside.

Other features include an oversized drain, anti-skid feet, and an integrated fish ruler. And just in case of unexpected campsite visitors, the Titan Deep Freeze® Roto Cooler is certified bear-resistant by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee. Enjoy nature and know that your food or fresh catch will be waiting for you.


For our family, this cooler is a dream come true! It has every feature you could ever want in a cooler for an afternoon picnic or cookout or taking to the beach, the mountains, or your campsite. We never know where our adventures will take us, so having a cooler like this gives us the capability to bring along everything we need without having to worry about food waste due to spoiling. It's great for dads who love water sports, love to camp or fish, love trips to the lake or beach, for tailgating, or pretty much anything else you might need a heavy duty cooler for!

Want it? Get it!

The TITAN Deep Freeze Roto Cooler 55 qt is one of our top picks for Father's Day gifts this year! Be sure to look for it in our 2019 Father's Day Gift Guide! Head over to Arctic Zone to check out all of their awesome lunch bag and cooler options!

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  1. This cooler looks amazing and I know my hubby would love to have one!

  2. This is a really nice cooler. I would love to own one!


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