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Five Easy Tips for Securing Your New Home from Burglary

Moving into a new home is a massive undertaking, especially when you consider a daunting list of details: Switching utilities, changing addresses, making any improvements before moving in, and (of course) unpacking and setting everything up. And that’s just for starters.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a home security service – especially with the popularity of affordable do-it-yourself systems – you’ll never have a better opportunity. You deserve peace of mind from Day One.
It’s easy to get the ball rolling. Here are five things you can do to keep your new home protected using an effective wireless home alarm system, smart-home technology, and some common sense.
Say hi to the neighbors
The most effective burglary deterrents often start outside the home.
According to a survey of incarcerated burglars by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, 40 percent said that proximity to neighbors was an effective deterrent when they were deciding on a target.
Moving in is the perfect time to introduce yourself. Offer to be a good neighbor by keeping an eye out for anything strange around their home; they should be willing to reciprocate. Exchange telephone numbers, and ask them to call you if they see anything suspicious or if your burglar alarm monitoring goes off.
You can also give them easy access using a smart lock on the front door. They don’t need a key; you can give them a temporary passcode, or just tap on the app to let them in.
Get to know your new home
Think of home security as being like preventive medicine: You have to assess the patient’s needs before you can determine the best approach. In this case, the patient is your new home.
To find the best home security strategy, start by understanding your home. Examples include:
  • One level or two? Most burglars break in through first-floor entry points, so they require special attention. But if you’ve got an upper level or a basement, your stairwell will likely benefit from a home security system with video.
  • A McMansion or a bungalow? A large home will require more sensors, of course. But it will also benefit from multiple motion detectors or video cameras with strategic placement.
  • Where is the important stuff? Some rooms – such as a workshop, master bedroom, home office, or even a nursery – may require stronger protection from a home security system with video.
Don’t forget about the outside, especially if you have a detached garage or large backyard. Outdoor video cameras can be particularly useful.
Develop a home security strategy
Now that you understand “the patient,” consider the best preventive measures. Every home security service has the basics – a control panel, door/window sensors, a motion detector, and wireless connectivity. But your system should be customized to fit your needs exactly.
Before you get started:
  • Develop a rough idea of your basic equipment needs, including extra door/window sensors and motion detectors. Also, if you have a dog, you may require a pet-immune motion sensor.
  • Think about smart-home items that will make security even stronger. Home security systems with video cameras and video doorbells are especially popular, especially when they can stream footage live to your phone.
  • Remember the difference between self-monitoring – with alerts and video coming through your phone – and 24/7 burglar alarm monitoring, with quick response by trained professionals.
Find the right system
Don’t just go online and order from a mega-retailer. Take your time, do your research, and ask your friends. Choose a brand that you know and trust, with a trial period that lets you return the system if it doesn’t fit your needs. Verisure Smart Alarms has fantastic options for every size home.
You’ll see a wide variety of home security service options. Some of the best “do-it-yourself” home security systems are peel-and-stick, with easy app-based setup and activation. They’re a cinch to self-install. Other systems – especially those for larger homes – might require a professional’s touch. They can provide ideas about optimal placement and detection strategies, especially for home security systems with video.
Regardless, any home security system should be wireless. Gone are the days of punching holes in a wall, or running cables along the floor. Beware of a home security system that requires any kind of structural alteration, however minor it may be.
Make sure everyone can use it
Everyone in the family should understand how important it is to arm the system since burglars often benefit when people forget, or if they just don’t bother to do it.
All family members should know what to do in case of an emergency, or how to declare a false alarm for professional burglar alarm monitoring in case the system is accidentally triggered. This is as easy as knowing a code word or keypad number or using a phone app to quickly alert the response center.
The best home security systems can be controlled by a single app. That can be particularly useful if:
  • You forget whether you armed the system. With a tap of a finger, your home is protected.
  • An alarm is triggered, and you want to stream indoor or outdoor video to your phone.
  • You want to turn lights on, especially if no one’s home or you’re going to be later than expected. A well-lit home is also an effective burglary deterrent since it looks like someone’s home.

Effective security is a great way to get started in your new home. You can’t pack it in a moving box, but peace of mind may be the most important thing you can add. You can install a wireless driveway alarm to detects cars, people and animals so you'll always know what's outside of your home. This is a wonderful addition and precaution you can take to ensure the safety of your home.
Robert Ogle is a writer and editor with seven years of experience in the home security industry. He currently is Senior Copywriter at Brinks Home Security and was formerly editor of Security Nation magazine for the Electronic Security Association. Robert also focuses on smart-home technology trends, as well as the impact of disruptive innovation. Connect with him on LinkedIn at linkedin.com/in/robertogle/.

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  1. These are all great tips. We just bought a home security system a couple of months ago. We were getting ready for vacation and there have been a lot of break ins in our area lately. Knowing your neighbors helps too. They check on our house daily when we are out of town.


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