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Cisco CCNA Routing & Switching: Prepare with ExamSnap

Cisco is one of the biggest names when it comes to networking. The company was founded in 1984 and since then Cisco has been working hard to maintain its place in the business world. Since the introduction of the Internet, the world has changed dramatically. More and more communication technologies are introduced every day and credit should go to Cisco for investing a lot of resources in the advancement of the networking field.

Many people believe that Cisco is just a multinational company that offers IT services and products, but it is so much more than that. Aside from working on networking technologies and solutions, Cisco is also known for offering a number of certifications. These credentials are aimed at individuals who are interested in networking and want to excel in the field. One of the most popular certifications that Cisco offers is the CCNA Routing & Switching certification. As the name suggests, this credential revolves around routing and switching technologies and aims to make the candidates better at it.
People often ask: what is the benefit of becoming a CCNA Routing & Switching certified specialist? To put it shortly, there are a lot of advantages that you can get if you become Cisco certified. One of the biggest benefits is that the Cisco credential will surely help you get a better job. Companies are always looking for people who bring something extra to the table. Therefore, if your potential employers will see that you are certified, then you will certainly be considered for the job.But how can you get CCNA R&S certified?
How to Obtain CCNA Routing & Switching?
There are two ways to get hold of the CCNA Routing & Switching certification:
  • Clear 2 exams – 100-105 and 200-105
  • Clear 1 composite exam – 200-125
As both these options imply covering the same topics, below we will focus only on 200-125 exam.
200-125 CCNA Exam
200-125 is a 90-minute exam which comprises of 60-70 questions. To clear the test, you need to possess the skills and knowledge related to infrastructure services, security, and management, as well as Network Fundamentals and LAN Switching, WAN, and Routing Technologies.
Clearing this test will require a particular set of skills and it is going to be tricky, so be prepared. If you want to pass 200-125, then you should seek as much useful information as you possibly can. Below you will find some of the most important tips that you need to know about.
The first tip is that it is important to get both practical and theoretical knowledge regarding 200-125 domains. It means that you will have to build a practical lab to be able to train networking concepts. The other thing that you need to do is make sure that you gather the right study material. If you search the Internet, then you will surely be able to find a lot of useful books, videos, and courses.
Practice tests are also a must. You can trya preparation bundle from ExamSnap, which will give you access to a lot of practice questions. The ExamSnap bundle is easy to obtain and it will certainly help you prepare for the CCNA Routing & Switching certification properly. Lastly, make sure that you revise the main topics before taking the exam.
Top Books to Study for the CCNA Routing & Switching
ExamSnap is a great place to prepare for 200-125 exam, but there are other sources that you can use. If you are the kind of person who likes to prepare from multiple sources, then you should consider buying or renting some books. Below you will find the top books that you should refer to when you are preparing for 200-125 certification exam.
1. The first book is the Cisco CCNA Routing & Switching 200-125 Official Cert Guide Library. Since this is the official guide from Cisco, the information in this book is fully reliable. The guide is written by Wendell Odom and is considered to be one of the best books that you can find.
2. The next book is 101 Labs for the Cisco CCNA Exam. If you just prepare for the theoretical aspect of routing and switching, then it will not be enough to pass the exam. This is exactly why you need this book! With 101 Labs, you can prepare for practical situations as well. Paul Browning’s book allows you to train for 200-125 exam leaving no stone unturned.
Lastly, we have the CCNA Routing & Switching Complete Study Guide authored by Todd Lammle. If you are already using the ExamSnap bundle, then this book will help you a lot. This book covers all the topics that you need to prepare for.
You should consider getting one of these books because they will help you make sure that you have prepared for every single thing before your 200-125 exam.

The CCNA Routing & Switching certification is not for everyone, but if you are someone who wants to excel in a career related to networking, then this certification will certainly help to boost your career. Passing the certification tests is going to be difficult, but only if you take it too lightly. If you prepare for the CCNA Routing & Switching certification properly, then you will be able to make your life a bit easier. It is advised that you should start preparing for the exam as soon as possible – starting a few months prior will benefit you the most. Note that CCNA Routing & Switching is valid for only 3 years, and this is because routing and switching technologies keep on changing with time. Therefore, it is important to recertify after every 3 years in order to keep the certification up to date. Good luck!

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