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Best Ways to Maintain Pet Hygiene at Home

Pets are love, and we all wish to have a pet or do have a pet at home. The warm welcome we receive from them after we come home is priceless. Just the way they love us, we need to love them back as well. This love isn’t limited to cuddling with them or feeding them. Taking proper care of the pet is also important.

Why is hygiene a concern?

Hygiene is a matter of concern because wild animals maintain their health. But what about domestic animals? Do they do the same?  Well no, we have to take the initiative to do it. The level of cleanliness required at home is more than that of in the wild. For example, dirty and muddy feet, peeing here and there, taking a poop in the living room are all matters of concern. Hence, hygiene is a concern with pets at home.

There is a massive difference in how we treat ourselves and how animals treat themselves. We being the modulator of the society have developed certain norms of hygiene. On the contrary, pets don’t have such standards, like brushing, taking a bath, etc.

How do I brush my pet?

Before you even start thinking about it, remember it’ll take time. Just like a baby needs time to learn, similarly, pets also need time to get accustomed to it. Firstly, you need to accustom your pet with your touch. They must feel comfortable when you touch them. Secondly, hold them firmly and rub their back gently. Thirdly, rub areas like the neck, back, tummy, ears, and forehead. This, in turn, allows them to trust your touch.

Once they let you touch them, try to accustom them with brushing. Start with a soft, bristle brush. A minimum of 10 minutes of brushing is necessary per day. If your pet resists at any point, stop immediately. Don’t release them, but start again once they are comfortable with it. Always reward and cuddle with your pet. It helps in better bonding.

How do I introduce my pet to bathing?

Bathing your pet might be a tough job, but it has to be a relaxing experience: puppies, kittens or adult cats and dogs, none of them like bathing. You need to be extra careful when planning to bathe your pet. First of all, check whether the water is warm or not. It has to be just as warm as the body temperature. Second of all, start pouring water from the torso region to the feet. Use a soft wet towel to wash their face.

Alternatively, you can use puppy shampoo to wash their body. Rinse thoroughly with water after applying shampoo. Make sure all the suds are removed from their skin. Take your pet for a tour to the bathroom before the shower. Play with them for a few minutes so that they get a real feel about it.

How to dry them after a bath?

When you are done with bathing your pet, move out from the bathroom. Dogs or cats, they shake their body to dry themselves. If you are not keen enough to shower in that water, then move out. You can also use a warm towel to dry your dog. Alternatively, you can use an electric hair dryer, but you need to be prepared. As dryers are electronic items, you need to keep it disconnected and let your pet examine it. Once they are done, connect it in the lowest setting and use it from a distance.

How to groom my pet?

You can groom your pet at home or else you can connect with Buckhead Paws and Dog Walkers. For puppies and kittens, it is a scary experience. They often get frightened by the sound, sensation, smell, and sight of electric clippers. Even though, if your pet is accustomed to the hair dryer experience, then it’ll be an easy task. Run a trial before performing the actual job. Do not power the clipper and go for a trial run. Let your pet feel the sensation, the weight of the clipper moving around their body.

Once they like the sensation of the clipper power it on and run slowly across their body, make sure they are comfortable with it, else stop at once.

How to brush their teeth?

Dental care is not a normal thing for pets. Dogs often chew dry food to remove tartar from their teeth. You can help your dog in maintaining it though. Firstly, rub your pet’s muzzle multiple times a day. Secondly, raise their lips and rub the gums with bare fingers. Thirdly, use a wet cloth or gauze to rub the teeth. This helps in removing tartar. Alternatively, you can use toothbrush and toothpaste if your pet is comfortable with it.

To conclude, all of it looks easy but performing them is a tough job. Everything depends on how well you have bonded with your pet. Do they trust you completely? If yes, then the above-mentioned is a pretty easy task. If not, then you need to go slow with these hygiene measures.

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