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8 Men’s Styling/Dressing Tips to Upgrade Your Personal Style This Year

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be making mega bucks and have the coveted corner office to look superbly stylish in your personal or professional life. In this article, we’ve compiled a few simple and effortless steps you can take to elevate your style quotient by making small changes in the way you shop and wear your outfits.

  1. Prioritize fit over design
When it comes to looking well turned out, remember that a good fit should supersede every other factor that affects your clothing choices, click here to know more . Whether you’re dressing for work, leisure or an hour at the gym, wear well-fitted and well-cut clothes suited to your body type. Regardless of the label, price or color of your attire, it’s the fit that can make or break your look. 
Especially when it comes to work wear, make sure your shirts, pants, and jackets are the right size and sit well over your contours. As a rule, avoid wearing clothes that are too tight for comfort by learning the subtle difference between form-fitting and tight-fitting clothing.
  1. Drop the messy look
Once you’ve left university and started your professional career, it’s time to ditch the messy hair, dirty jeans, and crushed tees. Whether you’re a startup entrepreneur, a corporate professional or an artist, strive to look neat and polished. This does not necessarily mean giving up on your individual style; it simply means taking greater care of your appearance so that you can create the impression you want on the people that matter.
  1. Make friends with the undershirt
Wear a thin and light undershirt beneath your dress shirts. A well-fitted undershirt in a quality fabric will prevent sweat stains and stink, keep you cool, and provide a uniform tone under light-colored shirts. If you’re not sure how to buy or wear an undershirt, check out this post from RibbedTee.com for a quick and easy guide to nail a suave look for professional and social events.
A golden rule to remember when buying undershirts is to invest in a quality product from a reputable brand that offers variety in terms of fit (slim, close-fitting or relaxed), styles (deep V-neck, round neck, short sleeves, etc.) and colors (black, off-white, white, charcoal, tan and so forth).
  1. Create a collection of comfortable and stylish shoes
An easy way to upgrade your style is to take a hard look at your footwear. Consider if the shoes you wear go well with different outfits. Are they starting to look old and worn? Are they the right color? Are they comfortable enough to wear for long hours? Even if you’re not a collector, having three to four pairs of different shoe styles will give you room to experiment with different looks and make sure you have a good pair for every need. Think about investing on a pair of Doc Martens boots that can be worn in any season. And, most importantly, keep your shoes in top shape with a proper care routine.
  1. Adopt the principle of less is more
No, we don’t mean you should have fewer things to wear. What we mean is that quality should rule over quantity. It’s better to own a single well-made dress pants in a good fabric than have two or three that look haggard after a couple of washes or make you look big, bulky or unshapely.
You need to have a good collection of outfits for every need, but if you’re looking to elevate your style, shift your focus to spending more money on fewer items. Stop buying clothes and accessories simply because they’re on sale and become a little picky in your choices. Soon you’ll have a wardrobe that’s way more stylish, polished and long-lasting.
  1. Get a smarter haircut
Like clothing, your hairstyle can also use an upgrade at least once a year. Follow the latest hair trends and go to a good stylist who can give you a smarter, crisper haircut to suit your face and your lifestyle. Go for a haircut that’s versatile enough to be worn in different ways so that you can style it according to the occasion.
  1. Buy interesting new patterns
If you truly want to spruce up your personal style, you’ll have to come out of your comfort zone. Whether it’s experimenting with new colors you’ve never worn before or styles that seem like they’re not made for you, trying something new will break the monotony. In the process, you just might discover a great new style that you never thought you could sport with confidence. 
Some looks worth trying are layered clothing, monochrome outfits, smart casuals such as polo and chinos in unique patterns, colored sunglasses, and fun socks that stand out. Make small changes if you must, but keep adding something new to your wardrobe to evolve your style sense with time.
  1. Stay on top of current trends
If you don’t want to be stuck in a style rut, remember that even the most well turned out men need helpful style tips from time to time, so don’t shy away from asking for advice when you need styling help. Stay up to date about the latest trends in men’s casual and work wear and don’t be afraid to experiment with your look every now and then. 
Regardless of your age, continue to reinvent your individual style—it will rev things up and give you more confidence in the various roles you play in your life.
Ever wondered how some men manage to look great all the time, even when walking out to buy groceries? There is no mystery behind looking at your best any time of the day—it’s as simple as taking care of yourself and choosing the right clothes when you go shopping. When you buy right, you end up wearing right. And when you take regular care of your appearance, it becomes your second nature to look ship-shape regardless of how busy you are.

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