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5 Tips To Get The Finest E-Liquid Flavors

The two most common types of e-cigarette users include the flavor chasers and the cloud chasers. If you enjoy vaping, it is not going to be the giant clouds that attract you. The flavor will make all the difference in vaping and it is advisable to have an e-liquid that has an excellent taste instead of one that simply produces giant clouds. There are many who know how to produce the best clouds but they do not know how to achieve the best e-liquid flavor. Here are a few tips to help you get the finest flavors.

  1. Always keep it clean

First and foremost, you need to keep the coils, wicks as well as tanks clean if you want the best flavor from your e-liquids. We all know about this but with the cleaning and maintenance, everyone tends to get lazy and does not bother. This is where you lose the flavor. If you are constantly changing the liquids, you cannot be expected to change your coil each and every time but you need to try and avoid mixing the flavors too much. When you switch from a strong tobacco e-liquid to a Naturally Extracted Tobacco E-Liquids (NET), you need to clean the coil to get the best flavor. It is good to have a few tanks on the go with different liquids in each so as to ensure that you clean them at least once a week and allow them to dry out completely.

2.    Temperature and wattage

This is a very simple way to improve the e-liquids flavor and it can turn out to be really fun too. Liquids are different and finding the right balance to bring through the flavor in the best manner can be enjoyable. In order to get the best wattage and temperature, you need to start low and then work up until you get the taste exactly the way you want it. Taste is indeed very subjective so what works for you might not work for someone else. This is a process of trial and error and you need to keep your personal choices at the forefront when tasting.

3.    Choose the right e-liquids

An e-liquid will be a blend of PG and VG. The ratios totally depend on the type of vaper you are and what you prefer. If you like big clouds, you can opt for heavy liquids and if you are looking for a flavor, you can aim for liquids that are 50/50 mix or a heavy liquid. PG and VG are considered as the base element of an e-liquid and they carry nicotine as well as flavors into vapor when the liquid is heated.

4.    Experiment with air

If you want to produce giant clouds, you need to open your airflow as much as possible. It is indeed very important. The more air you have going through the coil, the less dense your e-liquid will become. A less dense e-liquid will produce big clouds but it will also reduce the flavor. If you want to enjoy the flavors, you need to reduce your airflow but do not become overzealous. If you go overboard, the vapor production could drop very low and the liquid may overheat. You need to start low and then increase the temperature and wattage until you achieve a flavor you want.

5.    Atomizer is very important

The right type of atomizer will play a crucial role in maximizing the flavors in your favorite e-liquids. Personal preference will play a big part here. However, if you know the rules, you will not go wrong. It is important to use bottom coil atomizers because they do not require the wick to suck up the e-liquid to the coil-like their top coil counterparts do. You need to check if the tank can run sub-ohm coils because it is important in improving the flavors and vapor production which you want to achieve.

The most important tip here is to experiment. You will only know the type of flavor you prefer if you are open to experimenting. Everyone has a different preference in terms of flavor and you could try achieving the perfect flavor through different temperature, wattage and airflow settings. It will make a huge difference in the vaping flavor experience of yours. Keep experimenting until you find a flavor that suits you the most.

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