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5 Best Gifts for Dads

Dads are notoriously hard to shop for, and it’s no secret. Whether you’re shopping for Father’s Day, a birthday, an anniversary, another holiday, or just because, here is a list of the best gifts he will love.

1. Tie Rack

If your dad has gained quite a collection of ties over the years, while he may love receiving them, perhaps getting him more isn’t the way to go this year. Instead, get him something to help organize his already big collection. You can get a tie rack that fits into any closet or hangs on the wall so that it won’t take up unnecessary space. If you want to really impress him, buy one that is motorized, so he doesn’t have to fumble to get the ties in the back out. There are battery operated tie racks that rotate the ties around or upgrade to a tie rack with built-in LED lights. Or if you fancy yourself a bit of a DIY-er, why not make one yourself? Homemade gifts are more often than not loved more so than a bought gift.

2. Barbeque

What man doesn’t love taking control of the grill during the summer months, especially during a pool or garden party? If your family doesn’t already have a BBQ, this is a great gift for dad that he can use year-round (yes, even in winter!). Now, this could be tricky if he’s particular about his grilling preferences. Therefore, it might be best to subtly tiptoe around this idea and get a better understanding of what he wants before buying. Barbeques are available at a variety of price points too, so if something extravagant isn’t in the budget, you can still find a grill that’s right for him.

3. Power Tools

It might be a cliché that dads love tools, but they never fail to impress when they open their present. Take it to the next level with non-standard tools. Everyone’s got a hammer or a power drill, but does every dad have a Leister hot air welder? Upgrade his toolbox with some more exciting new toys, and maybe he will finally get around to finishing that home improvement project he’s been working on for so long.

4. Board games

If your dad is a family guy, then there’s no doubt he would love a gift everyone can enjoy together. There are so many board games that are fun for any age, from strategy to silly and everything in between. Give the gift of game night, and you can enjoy it as many times as you want!

5. Gadgets

With so much variety out there, from Chromecast to tablets and professional camera lenses for your smartphone, you will find something you’re dad will not just find useful but also love. If he’s into photography, there are photo printers, attachable lenses for Androids and iPhones, or drones. For the dad that loves ending his day in front of the TV, try a Chromecast or a Firestick, or go as far as a new smart TV. Maybe he likes to keep up with the latest wearables, so a Fitbit or a smartwatch might be more his style. There are so many tech products to choose from; it’s almost impossible not to find the right gift.

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