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Weekends with the WIgglesworths- Weekend Update

Happy Sunday, friends! You may have noticed yesterday that we didn't post our regularly scheduled weekends post, but there is no need to worry, we are back today! 
Yesterday, was my nephew's 18th birthday, so the day started off with texting him a Happy 18th message. The rest of the day, for me, was pretty boring. Matt and I worked with the girls to clean up their room and then we flipped their beds.

They have the Kura Beds from Ikea and when we first set them up a few years ago, we thought the loft beds would be the best for them. Over the years they have been hanging out less and less in the under spaces, which were originally set up as reading nooks. The under spaces were most recently being used as storage for things that they don't use, but don't want to get rid of. 

Switching the position of their beds and eliminating that "storage" space has helped them realize exactly how much they have that they don't need. Lots of items are heading to others who can use it and will love it just as much as they did when they first got it. That seems to make them feel better about getting rid of things. I know it works for me too, especially when that sentimentality kicks in. 
We still have some work to do before their bedroom is in "perfect" shape, but it's much better than before. 

Today, we'll be heading to Grams' house for our weekly visit. First, though, this Mama needs her coffee! 

I hope that your weekend has been great. Have you been tackling any home projects?  
Let's chat all things weekend over on MBP social media. Drop a comment below or catch me at @mommysblockparty on FB.

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