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Weekends with the Wigglesworths- Our Last Long Weekend of the 2018-2019 School Year!

Happy Saturday, friends! As usual, we are excited for the weekend, but this weekend is a little extra exciting. It's our last long weekend of the school year AND the weather is supposed to be gorgeous. We actually have plans for the weekend, well the girls do since their presence has been requested by their Aunt and Uncle for today and their Grandparents for tomorrow, but hey there are plans.
This is offering me a strange glimpse into the future when the girls are older and do have plans without us. I'm not sure I like it. 

Today, the girls are going off with their Aunt J and Uncle C.  It's just for a couple of hours, so I won't have time to go too crazy with projects around the house, but I'm hoping to get a few of them done. We recently bought closet organizers and I really would love to get them out of their boxes and into the closets, especially the girls'. 

Tomorrow, the girls are going to be with their Grandparents overnight, which offers us a little more time to do home projects, but I'm kind of leaning toward having date time with my guy. Alone time for us doesn't happen that often and I'm not wasting it on doing home projects two days in a row. 

 I hope that you enjoy your weekend!  Do you have any home projects you'll be working on or dates lined up with your significant other? 
Leave me a comment below or catch me at @mommysblockparty on FB.

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